Nice synonym-another word for nice in English

Cordial Ducky Fair, Friendly, Good, Kind, Lovely, Okay, Superior, Swell, Welcome, Winning, Admirable, Amiable, Approved, Attractive, Becoming, Charming, Commendable, Considerate, Copacetic, Courteous, Decorous, Delightful, Favorable, Fine And Dandy, Genial, Gentle, Gracious, Helpful, Ingratiating, Inviting, Kindly, Nifty, Obliging, Peachy


Example Sentences :

People sometimes think that it would be nice to do no work.

We are having a nice time up here ?

The day was nice and dry.

You have a nice line in doing your work.

This is a nice book.

This is a nice band of musicians.

What a nice place it is !

Bread and butter are a nice food.

I am having a nice time these days.

I told him that he was a nice boy.

We had a nice play of football.

It’s nice to hear that, well, may I take leave now ?

All the members of your family were very nice to me.

I heartily thank you for sending me a nice gift on my birthday.

It was a very nice show.

It shall be nice of you.

We vied with one another in getting first into the boat which was a really nice one.

It is a nice little shop with a dining room attached to it.

It was very nice of you to write to me.

We sometimes think that it would be very nice to have no work to do.

Can these nice flowers be smelt by you ?

My friend told me that it was very nice of me to have come.

What a nice book !

Listen that nice music, child.

You will have a nice time up here.