Negative in a Sentence

She replied to me in the negative.

Negative thinkers are always doubtful about results and become cowards.

In a negative environment, a good performer’s output goes down.

Whenever I asked him for help, he replied in the negative.

Negative attitudes lead to Bitterness.

Negative attitudes lead to ill health.

His negative thinking abhors me.

There is always a negative side to any issue in any matter.

He replied in the negative.

She replied in the negative.

One should respond positively even to a negative situation.

It has a negative sense.

Overspending on weddings is a negative development

Is there any negative effect of television watching?

Everything in life has both negative and positive aspects.

A negative attitude makes life miserable.

He replied in negative.

She is very negative in the way she sees things.

She replied to me in negative.

His attitude to his job is very negative.

It has a negative meaning.

Shun the negative influence.

Optimism could help you overcome negative thoughts.