needs in a sentence

He sold his shop to provide for his needs and those of his wife.

Education needs further reforms and these should be introduced at the earliest.

When a man needs a thing, he tries to have it.

Every man needs some luxuries to lead a comfortable life.

Maths needs a lot of practice.

Our body needs care.

Man is a social animal and needs love and affection from others.

He needs a blotting-paper.

In order to inspire people we need to understand their needs and wants.

Society needs youth energy for the great works to be done for the betterment of humanity.

Sanitation is among the basic needs of citizens in every city.

The carpet needs to be dusted.

My needs are few.

It needs to be done with care.

A man who is dead needs no riches.

He needs advice on how to start a new life.

He needs some encouragement.

She needs our help.

The party needs a strong leader.

Understanding a problem needs patience.

Your coat needs washing.

It needs replastering.

This exercise needs to be corrected.

He needs some money.

He needs a good friend.

The world badly needs nuclear power and will need it more in the years to come.

My needs are very few.

She needs not go there.

My father is a patient of high blood pressure and he needs complete rest.

Why he needs a car really doesn’t interest me.

He is idle these days, he needs work.

The work needs to be done with care.

He needs my help.

In the womb a baby gets all the nutrition it needs from the mother through the placenta.

You must realise that the whole of your body needs special care.