name in a sentence

The name of my father is Sh. Ramesh Kumar.

The name of my brother is Sandeep.

Name the highest mountain in the world.

What is your name?

The real name of Mother Teresa was Agnes.

His name has been struck off the rolls.

He is eager for name and fame.

Write your name in the blank space below.

Some people lure girls into their webs, all in the name of love.

Please sign your name below mine.

He has made a name in sports.

Change is the name of life.

Has your name been struck off the rolls?

Your name is not on the list.

Do you known what his name is ?

Do you know what the name of our President is ?

His name sells.

Put your name in that space.

You will not mention my name to anybody.

She is very much eager for making a name in society.

You can take my name and address.

His name is not in the list.

How stupid of me to forget your name !

What’s your name?

May I know your name and roll number?

Please tell me your name.

His name has been excluded from the list of players.

He asked me what my name was.

This book is mine; I wrote my name in it myself.

I asked her what her name was.

His name will live as long as the world lasts.

What is the name of the town where he was born?

He asked what my name was.

Her name seems quite familiar to me.

His name had not been changed.

What’s her dog’s name ?

May I know your name ?

What is your name ?

No one asked him his name and occupation.

Do not seek after name and fame.

His name was at the top of the merit list.

His name just went out of my mind.

Write your name and address.

Please fill in your name and address on this form.

His name is known to me.

His name is known to all.

She walked up to him and asked him what his name was.

Can you please tell me your name once more?

Write down your name with a pencil.

His name is slightly familiar to me.

Fill in your name and address.

I forgot what his name was.

I forgot the name of your brother; what’s his name?

May I have your name and address?

Your name has been dropped from the list.

She mentioned my name in her book.

Please have a seat and wait until your name is called.

She repeated her name slowly.

Stand up when your name is called.

Her name slipped my mind.

Her name often slips my memory.

Your name was deleted from the list.

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