must in a sentence

Exercise is a must to keep your body fit and mind alert.

Peace, is a must for mankind in the modern world.

Travel light if you must.

You must give me clear-cut instructions as to what I should do.

We must take care that nobody kills animals.

The old fort must have been magnificent in its hey days.

They must be behind us for some sinister purpose.

He must be worrying about us.

You must show me a way out of this.

You must park your vehicle at the proper place.

Every college must have a good library.

Education must be job-oriented.

You must ask them to help more.

You must finish the work in hand.

You must see this exhibition.

You must avoid this.

I must have lost it.

Our leaders must do something for these poor men.

One must keep one’s promise.

These books must not be taken away.

You must take an umbrella as it is raining.

You must not use my books.

You must study regularly if you wish to succeed.

A student who wants to increase his knowledge must make use of the library.

We must abide the rules of our country.

You must consult to the doctor daily till you have fully recovered.

You must give up bad company.

To eat the kernel of the nut, one must break the shell.

I am sure you must be familiar with his literature.

I hope your blood-pressure must now be under control

You must guard bad habits.

You must be polite in your manners

We must find some place to live.

Traffic rules must be observed.

We must make efforts to check all kinds of pollution.

Your parents must be proud of you.

I must do my best.

You must set the standard in all things.

One must lay up for the rainy day .

One must always do his duties sincerely.

You must go home.

We must give good food to growing children.

You must obey your officer.

We must get rid of this difficult business at once.

You must return before a week.

One must love one’s country.

Once you make a promise, you must keep it.

I must do this work.

One must always adopt right means.

I must get up early tomorrow.

I must have dropped it somewhere.

Something must be done before it’s too late.

One must be optimistic.

You must be very careful about your diet.

We must move with times.

He must have been living here.

You must have heard it!

You must wipe your feet when you come in.

You must get up earlier in the morning.

You must read this.

We must write to him.

You must read this book.

He must be coming by bus.

We must send for the plumber.

You must send in your application before Friday.

It must be used in a well-ventilated room.

We must have a party to celebrate this.

To learn this art, we must follow certain rules and conventions.

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