Multiple in a sentence

She had multiple responsibilities at work.

There are multiple ways to solve this problem.

The cake came in multiple layers.

The company offers multiple benefits to its employees.

He won multiple awards for his performance.

The store sells multiple brands of electronics.

There are multiple reasons for the traffic jam.

We need to consider multiple factors before making a decision.

The computer has multiple programs running simultaneously.

Multiple students volunteered for the project.

He had multiple excuses for being late.

The recipe calls for multiple ingredients.

There are multiple routes to get to the destination.

The garden has multiple types of flowers.

She has multiple talents, including singing and dancing.

We encountered multiple obstacles along the way.

The survey collected data from multiple sources.

We have multiple options for our vacation destination.

Multiple witnesses saw the accident.

The book has multiple chapters.

The company operates in multiple countries.

The meeting was attended by multiple stakeholders.

We need to schedule the event on multiple dates.

The organization has multiple branches.

She made multiple attempts to contact him.

The disease can affect multiple organs.

The team conducted multiple experiments.

There are multiple opinions on this issue.

He holds multiple degrees in different fields.

The project has multiple phases.

The store offers multiple payment options.

The concert featured multiple bands.

The company has multiple divisions.

They had multiple discussions about their future.

The restaurant has multiple menu choices.

He has multiple hobbies, such as painting and hiking.

The app supports multiple languages.

The recipe book provides multiple cooking techniques.

The puzzle has multiple pieces.

We had multiple meetings to plan the event.

The software allows for multiple user accounts.

The team completed the task in multiple steps.

The building has multiple floors.

They faced multiple challenges during the project.

The report includes multiple recommendations.

She has multiple jobs to make ends meet.

The company launched multiple products this year.

The park has multiple trails for hiking.

We visited multiple tourist attractions during our trip.

The museum features multiple art exhibits.

The library has multiple copies of popular books.

He made multiple attempts to solve the puzzle.

The movie had multiple sequels.

The conference attracted multiple experts in the field.

She receives multiple emails daily.

The project requires multiple team members.

They have multiple meetings scheduled for today.

The company offers multiple training programs.

The orchestra includes multiple musicians.

The system can process multiple tasks simultaneously.

The store has multiple locations in the city.

The competition had multiple rounds.

We explored multiple options before making a decision.

The research paper cited multiple sources.

She received multiple job offers.

The package contains multiple items.

The report covers multiple aspects of the issue.

We had multiple conversations about the budget.

The event attracted multiple sponsors.

They have multiple children, all in different age groups.

The company has multiple branches worldwide.

The painting features multiple colors.

We booked multiple flights for our trip.

The festival offers multiple entertainment options.

The recipe includes multiple cooking techniques.

The machine can perform multiple functions.

The presentation covered multiple topics.

We have multiple goals for this project.

The software supports multiple file formats.

The store offers multiple discounts during the sale.

They have multiple assignments to complete.

The meeting agenda includes multiple items.

The movie had multiple plot twists.

The package arrived with multiple items inside.

The organization has multiple committees.

She has multiple responsibilities at home.

The company offers multiple payment plans.

The survey collected data from multiple participants.

They had multiple discussions about their relationship.

The restaurant has multiple dining areas.

The app allows for multiple user interactions.

The project can have multiple outcomes.

The team worked on multiple tasks simultaneously.

They offer multiple services to their clients.

The company has multiple divisions handling different aspects.

The building has multiple entrances.

The puzzle has multiple difficulty levels.

The event attracted multiple attendees.

She juggles multiple roles in her life.

The park has multiple recreational facilities.

The museum houses multiple art collections.

The library has multiple study rooms.

The software can run on multiple platforms.

The competition featured multiple rounds of challenges.

We considered multiple options before making a choice.

The report cited multiple references.

She communicates with multiple clients daily.

The project requires multiple resources.

They scheduled multiple meetings for the week.

The company offers multiple internship programs.

The orchestra has multiple instrument sections.

The system can handle multiple users at once.

The store has multiple aisles of products.

The conference hosted multiple keynote speakers.

The restaurant serves multiple cuisines.

The software supports multiple languages.

The package included multiple surprises.

The research paper explores multiple perspectives.

The festival has multiple stages for performances.

The recipe book provides multiple variations of dishes.

The movie had multiple genres.

The company has multiple satellite offices.

The store carries multiple brands of clothing.

The team divided the project into multiple phases.

The building has multiple entrances for convenience.

The puzzle consists of multiple pieces to assemble.

They faced multiple obstacles during their journey.

The event attracted multiple sponsors and donors.

She takes on multiple responsibilities at her workplace.

The organization has multiple committees working on different projects.

The museum houses multiple art exhibitions.

The library offers multiple study resources.

The software is compatible with multiple operating systems.

The competition has multiple categories.

We considered multiple options before making a decision.

The report included multiple case studies.

She communicates with multiple clients on a daily basis.

The project requires multiple team members with different skill sets.

They scheduled multiple meetings to discuss the project.

The company offers multiple training programs for its employees.

The orchestra performed multiple pieces during the concert.

The system can support multiple users simultaneously.

The store has multiple branches across the city.

The conference featured multiple expert speakers.

The restaurant serves multiple courses in its tasting menu.

The software allows users to choose from multiple fonts.

The package contained multiple surprises for the recipient.

The research paper examined multiple aspects of the problem.

The festival featured multiple stages with live performances.

The recipe book provides multiple options for vegetarians.

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