moved in a sentence

Her tears moved me at once.

He was moved to a hospital.

I could not be moved into hospital.

He moved earth and heaven to win in the elections.

He moved heaven and earth to find out his miss- ing son, but in vain.

Her sad story moved me to tears.

A soon as he moved out of the house, it started raining.

We have moved into our new flat.

His tragic death moved us to pity.

His adversaries moved heaven and earth to get him dismissed.

We had moved to the city nearly two decades ago.

She finally moved out and lives alone.

I was moved to tears by his tale.

I am moved with pity for her.

I had moved heaven and earth trying to find you.

The Government has been moved in this matter.

I couldn’t be moved to a hospital.

Most talented artists have moved away from here.

It has been over three years since I moved here.

He has moved away from her.

We moved around, rested and played games.

He was moved by the entreaties of his servant.

I was moved at his pitiable condition.

We have moved into our new flat but we don’t like it nearly so much as our last one.

I was moved when she looked at me tearfully.

There was none that was not moved to tears.

The bus moved late by fifteen minutes.

People moved to and fro in the plane.

The firing having stopped, the police moved forward.

The forces have moved forward.

He himself moved forward and touched a player.

He was moved to a hospital in his hometown.

I moved over to let her sit by the window.

It moved at a terrific speed.

Without waiting for an answer, he moved on.

I moved in with my family six months ago.

The army moved in to suppress the movement.

We moved to a place where some bears and tigers were kept in enclosed.

The train moved out of the station at 12 P.M.

She was moved with pity for him.

The soldiers moved forward.

She was deeply moved by the condition of her friend.

He moved heaven and earth to find out his missing son, but in vain.

I couldn’t be moved to a hospital.

His family moved away.

The wind stuck against the sails and moved on to the ship.

I moved to another city.

They have been moved to safer areas.

Peace-keeping troops moved in to restore calm after the battle.

The boat moved slowly away from the quay.

The typhoon moved in a westerly direction.

The clouds above moved fast.

They moved in together?

He moved into my neighborhood.

We were really moved by his lecture.

His family moved into a new house in the suburbs.

His speech moved them to tears.

His words moved her to tears.

She was moved to tears.

Such was his eloquence that everybody was moved to tears.

He moved the desk to the right.

He was deeply moved by the story.

He moved to New York.

He slowly moved forward.

He was moved to tears.

He moved to a good company that offered a good salary.

He moved to Tokyo last month.

He moved from place to place.

They moved here two years ago.

When they moved to the town

They moved farther away from the fire.

They moved to a new house.

Her affectionate letter moved me.

She is easily moved to tears.

She is easily moved to emotion.

She moved to a warmer place for the sake of her health.

Their friendship moved us deeply.

The patient moved his lips slightly.

I was really moved by this.

I was very moved by his story.

I was very moved by his speech.

They moved a year ago.

They moved ahead.

He moved to Boston three years ago.

His speech moved us.

When I moved to the United States four years ago

My mother is easily moved to tears.

Even the hard-hearted can be moved to tears.

The pitiful sight moved us to tears.

The congregation was moved by the fine sermon.

We were moved to tears.

Hundreds of buffaloes moved toward the lake.

We moved into this house last month. We will settle down soon.

They moved to New York

The bell rang and the train moved off.

Everyone and everything moved much faster now than before.

She moved here a month ago.

We moved to the town.

He moved forward to the gate.

He came and moved some of the boxes.

She was deeply moved and began to cry.

The fourth period was moved up to the third.

The room I’ve moved into recently gets plenty of sunshine.

Recently I moved to another apartment.

Today’s play really moved me.

We moved here separately three years ago.

We moved our bags to make room for to sit down.

I was moved by this movie.

I was moved by the music.

I was moved by her love for other people.