move in a sentence

Hard work can move mountains as it is the only key to success.

Man and animals move from one place to another.

Plants cannot move from one place to another.

Faith can move mountains.

Plants cannot move from one place to another.

Animals can move their tails.

Steam does not move the engine unless it is focused.

The planets move around the sun.

The opposition party proposed to support the move of the govt.

We can move faster than sound by super sonic aero planes.

Elevators move up and down.

Will you help me move this heavy table?

Don’t move.

Don’t move bare-footed on the grass.

It is a long term move.

You may be in a dilemma regarding a future move.

Everybody is on the move.

He made me move my car.

Do you mind if I move it?

Please move it.

I can move freely.

Let us move on.

Time flies fast, yet it sometimes appears to move slowly.

I’m unable to move my leg.

I have to move by the end of the month.

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