moral in a sentence

He bears a good moral character.

Is this not a splendid example of moral courage ?

What moral lesson can we draw from this experiment.

It gives him mental, moral and spiritual advancement.

They give us sound moral advice.

There are Panjabi movies based on moral and patriotic themes.

Only a man of moral strength can call a spade a spade.

At such a juncture, it becomes our moral duty to do something for the sufferers.

He possesses a strong moral character.

The addict becomes a physical, mental, moral and financial wreck.

Courtesy is an offshoot of deep moral behavior.

Lord Buddha laid stress on moral values.

Never lose your moral because if you lose it, you have lost all.

Parents should inculcate moral values in their children from the very beginning.

Associating with people of high moral character helps build self-esteem.

A sound moral character makes a man really great.

Everyone must develop moral courage.

He is a man of good moral.

He refused to do it for moral reasons.

What is the moral of the story?

He can guess at the moral of the story.

Time has gone, when we valued a person in terms of his moral and ethical values.

Did you understand the moral of this story?

I should have exerted moral pressure on the boy.

He has sound moral principles.

The play has a great moral lesson.

Many men possess moral courage.

My mother is a very virtuous lady.

He has no moral sense.

In today’s nuclear families, there are no grandparents to teach moral values to children.

I’ll give you moral support.

My father led a moral life.

He lacks moral sense.

It is a moral question.

We will give them moral support.

He lived a moral life.

Games greatly help us n our moral development.

He gave him moral support.

He bears a sound moral character.

He considers himself a guardian of moral standards.

Introduction of moral education is necessary for the betterment of our society.

I would make arrangement to give them moral education.

He has sound moral principles.

I firmly believe that moral values provide not only direction but a true meaning to one’s life.

Righteousness and virtue constitute the moral nature of man.

H was a man of exceptional moral courage.

This retards their mental and moral progress.

There is no allowance for moral and intellectual damages in these matters.

This school sets high moral standards for pupils.

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