monotonous in a sentence

Life is at times monotonous and dull.

The rain brought the mercury down to some degrees and provided a break from monotonous routine.

They are quite monotonous.

After my studies, I got a job and that made my life monotonous.

I would rather lead a life that is not so monotonous and tough.

It pulls us out of a dull and monotonous life.

There activities are essential to break the monotonous .

It provided her refuge from her monotonous life.

The show is monotonous and repetitive.

Gone are the days when women would be content with a monotonous lifestyle and a flabby body.

Laughter is the best medicine to ward off dangers of modern-day monotonous, mechanised lifestyles.

It’s pretty monotonous.

Driving on these highways is monotonous.

It’s boring and monotonous.

These shows are becoming monotonous.

Too much of a colour can really feel monotonous.

Accidents occur with monotonous regularity.

Most of us take a bath carelessly as it has become a monotonous ritual for most of us in the morning.

No knowledge or pleasure is possible if life is unchanging or monotonous.

We want some relief from our monotonous routine work.

I find, it rather monotonous

Sometimes it gets a little monotonous.

I’m tired of the monotonous life.

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