monitor in a sentence

He is the monitor of the class.

If parents do not monitor the programs and time spent by the children in front of the TV, there is bound to be a negative effect on their overall development.

Parents should monitor what the child is reading and try to inculcate the habit of reading news and good books from the very beginning.

Parents should monitor a child’s activity in and out of school regularly.

He was appointed monitor.

He has been made the monitor.

The monitor wants you there.

He is the monitor of our class.

The teacher appointed him monitor of the class.

We made him monitor.

We elected him monitor.

I am the monitor of my class.

The monitor was not in the class.

I appointed him monitor.

It is very difficult to sit for long hours glued to the monitor screen.

The monitor went to call the teacher.

We proposed to appoint him monitor.

Whom will you elect your monitor ?

Mobile traffic police should be posted in sufficient strength to monitor rash driving.

I am the monitor of my class.

His role in the class is akin to that of a monitor.

He became the class monitor.

The teacher made me the monitor.

We elected him a monitor.

I nominated him monitor.

The monitor had finished his work.

Our monitor had the Lion’s share in the prizes.

Not only the monitor but also his classmates were playing.

Who is the monitor of your class ?

He paid no heed to the monitory advice of his father.

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