misery in a sentence

It was a spectacle misery.

Fire and water are the greatest friends of man, but when they turn furious, they cause untold misery.

There is so much misery in the world.

Many people live in misery today.

Foolish bonds cause misery.

What is the point of our existence if it leads to violence and utter misery?

He takes pleasure in other people’s misery.

He is submerged in misery.

Poor drainage spells misery for residents.

We should pay attention towards the misery of the poor people.

He only added to my misery.

Her life is a long tale of misery.

Life has become a misery for me.

I have been living in misery over the last several months.

He takes pleasure in other people’s misery.

Frequent electricity cuts have added to the misery of the people.

It is better not to have money if it brings so much misery and pain.

Marriage is a leap in the dark. It may result in happiness or misery.

I am tired of this life of misery.

One should not be exulted in the misery of others.

I have long been tolerating a life of insult and misery.

This added to my misery.

Great conquerors have been guilty of shedding blood and causing misery.

Poverty subjected him to misery.

I found misery everywhere.

He wrinkled his face up in misery.

It is a story of sorrows and misery.

He prefers to die than to live in misery.

He died in misery.

His life is full of misery and suffering.

This added to my misery.

They are forced to lead a life of misery and starvation.

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