misery in a sentence

It was a spectacle misery.

Fire and water are the greatest friends of man, but when they turn furious, they cause untold misery.

There is so much misery in the world.

Many people live in misery today.

Foolish bonds cause misery.

What is the point of our existence if it leads to violence and utter misery?

He takes pleasure in other people’s misery.

He is submerged in misery.

Poor drainage spells misery for residents.

We should pay attention towards the misery of the poor people.

He only added to my misery.

Her life is a long tale of misery.

Life has become a misery for me.

I have been living in misery over the last several months.

He takes pleasure in other people’s misery.

Frequent electricity cuts have added to the misery of the people.

It is better not to have money if it brings so much misery and pain.

Marriage is a leap in the dark. It may result in happiness or misery.

I am tired of this life of misery.

One should not be exulted in the misery of others.

I have long been tolerating a life of insult and misery.

This added to my misery.

Great conquerors have been guilty of shedding blood and causing misery.

Poverty subjected him to misery.

I found misery everywhere.

He wrinkled his face up in misery.

It is a story of sorrows and misery.

He prefers to die than to live in misery.

He died in misery.

His life is full of misery and suffering.

This added to my misery.

They are forced to lead a life of misery and starvation.

This misery resulted from his laziness.

In the case of most people bad health means misery and failure.

What did he do to express his misery ?

This added to my misery.

I found misery everywhere.

Famine occurs and misery prevails.

What misery awaits me!

What did he do to express his misery ?

Many of them live in misery and we must make their lives better.

We need to save our farmers from this misery as they are the ones who feed us.

The homeless man huddled in the corner, shivering in misery on the cold winter night.

The war-torn region was filled with scenes of devastation and human misery.

The constant rain brought nothing but misery to the residents, flooding their homes and disrupting their lives.

The prisoner endured years of solitary confinement, living in a state of isolation and misery.

Despite his wealth, he was plagued by inner misery and never seemed truly happy.

The film depicted the harsh realities of poverty and misery in a powerful and poignant way.

The loss of her beloved pet brought her immense misery and sorrow.

The novel told a gripping story of love, betrayal, and personal misery.

The child’s cries of hunger and despair echoed the misery of the famine-stricken village.

The accident left him in excruciating pain, writhing in misery on the hospital bed.

The prolonged drought brought misery to the farmers, causing crop failures and economic hardship.

The prisoner’s life in the cramped and overcrowded cell was filled with loneliness and misery.

The broken-hearted widow lived in solitude, consumed by grief and misery.

The toxic work environment brought misery to the employees, with constant stress and no support.

The ongoing conflict in the region has inflicted untold misery upon innocent civilians.

The elderly woman lived in squalor and her dilapidated home was a reflection of her years of misery.

The constant bullying he endured at school caused him great misery and affected his self-esteem.

The harsh living conditions in the refugee camp were a source of constant misery for the displaced families.

The chronic illness brought her physical and emotional misery, as she battled pain and limited mobility.

The failure of his business venture left him in a state of financial misery and heavy debt.

The abusive relationship she endured subjected her to years of emotional and psychological misery.

The prolonged illness brought misery not only to the patient but also to their loved ones who witnessed their suffering.

The prisoners in the overcrowded and unsanitary jail lived in conditions of extreme misery.

The homeless man on the street corner begged for spare change, his weathered face reflecting a life of misery.

The oppressive regime’s policies caused widespread misery and unrest among the population.

The heartbreak of losing her closest friend caused her to spiral into a pit of deep misery and despair.

The natural disaster left behind a trail of destruction and brought misery to the affected communities.

The ongoing economic crisis led to widespread unemployment and financial misery for many families.

The chronic illness robbed her of her independence and subjected her to a life of constant misery.

The years spent in an abusive relationship were marked by emotional and physical misery.

The isolation and loneliness of the elderly during the pandemic contributed to their sense of misery and sadness.

The effects of poverty cast a long shadow of misery over the lives of many in the community.

The ongoing conflict in the region created a cycle of violence and misery that seemed never-ending.

The relentless bullying at school subjected him to emotional and psychological misery every day.

The political unrest and corruption in the country plunged its citizens into a state of perpetual misery.

The mental illness she battled for years caused her to experience periods of deep misery and depression.

The consequences of climate change have led to the misery of displacement for many vulnerable communities.

The broken family dynamics and constant arguments created an atmosphere of misery in their household.

The prisoner’s life sentence in a maximum-security prison seemed like an eternity of misery and confinement.

The addiction to drugs brought him nothing but misery and destroyed his relationships and health.

The betrayal by her closest friend left her in a state of emotional misery and distrust.

The years spent in an abusive marriage caused her immeasurable physical and emotional misery.

The refugee camp was a place of immense misery, with limited resources and harsh living conditions.

The loss of his beloved pet brought him a profound sense of grief and misery.


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