merciless in a sentence

They are merciless and have no emotions.

He was beaten up brutally by his seniors in the name of ragging and the merciless beating resulted in his death.

I was beaten up mercilessly for over two hours until I became unconscious.

Nature’s fury has been unprecedented and merciless.

Why are you so merciless and rude?

I am appalled at the merciless felling of trees, especially in the heart of the city.

Today, young boys and girls have merciless competition, and a regime of exhausting tuition and attendance in coaching classes.

He is the man who is involved in the merciless killing.

I am deeply anguished to learn about merciless killing of my best friend.

He was merciless to his enemies.

These men were merciless with one another.

You are a merciless man who is beating a speechless animal.

He is merciless towards animals.

Life can merciless and uninspiring at times.

He is merciless and cruel.

Show no mercy to the merciless.

He is harsh and merciless to those who are on the evil path.

Is it bad being merciless?

They are merciless and cannot be reasoned with.

He is unbelievably ruthless and merciless.

She proved a merciless woman.

She was merciless and cruel.

Some people are merciless.

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