mentally in a sentence

He is mentally alert.

Most of the time I am mentally happy.

Be physically clean to be mentally clean.

She is still an undeveloped child mentally.

A mentally challenged youth allegedly murdered his father.

She is mentally ill.

He is mentally unstable.

She is not physically as well as mentally fit for marriage.

He is mentally upset and used to throw stones and abuse commuters.

She works amongst mentally ill people.

He is mentally ill.

He is mentally unfit.

He is not mentally fit enough to take proper decisions.

She is mentally challenged destitute woman.

They gave shelter to mentally challenged persons.

Why are you trying to prove me mentally ill?

He is not mentally fit.

He is not mentally retarded.

Having faced many difficulties, he has become mentally strong.

He is mentally ill.

I was not mentally prepared for this tragedy.

Negative thoughts can drain you mentally and physically.

You must be mentally exhausted.

He is mentally handicapped.

He was mentally troubled.

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