medicinal in a sentence

Many trees provide us medicinal products such as quinine and eucalyptus.

The trees like Neem have very good medicinal qualities.

The leaves, the bark, the pods and the gum of the tree have medicinal values.

Anthrax is a deadly medicinal powder that can kill the person who touches it or inhales it.

Some hot water springs have medicinal properties.

Many plants have medicinal value.

Herbs and Spices regularly used in Indian culinary have great medicinal values.

Mehndi is well known for its medicinal values.

This medicinal herb has many benefits.

Many herbs are known for its medicinal benefits.

It is packed with many medicinal qualities.

Turmeric is a spice which is very well known for its medicinal properties.

Meditation Is Medicinal.

What are the medicinal benefits of ginger?

Curry leaf has many medicinal properties.

Belpatra has great medicinal values.

All of us know that plants with medicinal properties exist in nature.

Ayurveda extensively uses the extracts of neem in different medicinal recipes.

It has many medicinal properties.

The medicinal value of this plant is known for times immemorial.

Aloevera is known for its medicinal and skin benefits.

Do you know turmeric water is loaded with medicinal properties as well?