meals in a sentence

I have taken my meals.

He is always in time for meals.

I’m used to wine with my meals.

She works at a hotel and gets all her meals there.

We took our meals in the restaurant.

He took fruits after meals.

We prepared our meals under a shady tree.

He takes simple vegetarian meals.

She cooks meals daily.

She will cook the meals today.

She is enjoying her meals.

Wash your hands before you take your meals.

We take our meals at eight o’clock.

Take meals at a fixed time.

As soon as they finished up the meals, they all got down.

Do you always drink tea with your meals?

Hardly had I finished my meals when my friend came to see me.

I had taken meals.

Always wash your hands before meals.

He would take a long walk after meals everyday.

The guests were not enjoying the meals.

He is never in time for meals.

No dessert is served after meals in an average Indian family.

I have taken my meals.

She drinks tea after meals.

Brush your teeth after both the meals.

Have you had your meals ?

At what time do you take your meals ?

She has cooked the meals.

My servant is a slow coach and takes hours in cooking meals.

I shall have taken my meals by this time.

We shall have taken our meals by that time.

He has his meals at seven every evening.

At what time do you take your meals ?

Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day.

Our body needs three proper and balanced meals a day to be healthy .

Skipping meals is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make in order to lose weight.

Sugar is one of the dangerous ingredients you add to your daily meals .

There are many bad habits after meals that make you fat.

You can have this before meals to avail its benefits for weight loss.

Eat at least two meals a day.

Skipping meals will drain more energy out of your body to do tasks.

You need nutritious meals thrice a day.

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