maximum in a sentence

We get maximum benefit by reading good books.

We all want to get maximum out of the country without giving it something in return.

He stretched his arm to the maximum but could not catch the moving train.

If parents are able to help the child to go to school happily they are assured of maximum tension-free school years.

There is a tussle going on between the two leaders to win over the maximum supporters.

The maximum term of the Lok Sabha is five years.

A child spends maximum time with its parents.

Name the country that produces the maximum geothermal energy?

You can do so maximum five times a month.

You should make the maximum use of it.

The effort of each batsman is to score maximum runs.

He made a new world record in taking maximum wickets.

Their main objective is to attract the maximum number of people.

You should make the maximum use of it.

He obtained maximum marks in Mathematics.

He made maximum runs.

The captain of the rival team tried his best to score maximum points.

This truck can carry a maximum of 5 tons.

He devotes the maximum time and energy to studies.

Cook fish in healthy ways to get the maximum health benefits.

She will avail maximum benefit out of it.

I am sure that maximum women agree with my statement.

Skipping rope can help you reach your maximum height.

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