materialistic in a sentence

The modern age is a materialistic age.

People have become so materialistic that they have no time to stand and stare.

Lack of faith in God and religion has made man materialistic.

The world has become materialistic.

In my opinion parents are spending more time in fulfilling the materialistic requirements of a child than taking care of their emotional needs.

The world has grown so materialistic that everybody wants to make a quick buck by hook or by crook.

Parents who fail to devote time towards their children should realize that money and materialistic comforts cannot substitute the value of time.

Happiness is not a goal that can be attained through materialistic pursuits.

We are stressed by materialistic things and we have lost control of ourselves.

The modern age is a materialistic age.

He has no craving for materialistic objects like other common men.

Lack of emotional support from parents can make the teenagers become more materialistic.

He will value this more than money or any other materialistic things.

Some people are totally materialistic.

Materialistic pleasures are temporary.

He is attached to the materialistic things in life.

She is very materialistic.

They rarely care about materialistic things and are great at making friends.

He is not a materialistic person.

We live in a materialistic world.

He has become so materialistic that he gives preference to money over his friends.

In present day materialistic world, money has come off very powerful.

Modern man has become very materialistic and is preoccupied with the pursuits of material things.

In the present day materialistic world, money has become the be all and end all of every person.

Doctors these days have become materialistic.

It is very hard to have a true friend in the materialistic world of to-day.

Their outlook on life is not human but materialistic.

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