marvelous in a sentence

It was a marvelous achievement.

He performed outstandingly and got marvelous results in university examination.

Our school is getting marvelous results because of the experienced teachers and hardworking students.

Taj Mahal is among the marvelous pieces of architecture.

Our efforts have borne marvelous fruits.

It is a marvelous tool if utilized in a proper manner.

Winning of hearts is a marvelous job.

It is a marvelous achievement for me.

She is a marvelous story-weaver.

We made marvelous cards in the school.

Science had made marvelous progress in recent years.

You have done a marvelous job.

It’s a marvelous thing to do a play with her.

She has a marvelous sense of humor.

He inspired us with a marvelous sermon.

What a marvelous sight!

He hit on a marvelous idea.

It’s marvelous how quickly the medicine relieved my pain.

The story was full of marvelous happenings.

What a marvelous person your brother is!

It is really marvelous of you to remember my birthday.

The story was full of marvelous happenings.

A lot of tourists every year from around the world especially visit these places just to catch a glimpse of these marvelous creations of God.