married in a sentence

He lives with his four married brothers.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was married when he was eighteen.

When will you get married?

He had no interest in married life.

Did you get married?

I will be married in a week.

Whom are you getting married to?

Do you want to get married?

I don’t want to get married?

He is a married man.

He married an American girl.

Was he planning to get married ?

My parents are pressurising me to get married.

I married him on the condition that we divorce a year after marriage.

She was married in haste.

I am ready to get married as you wish.

When will you get married ?

She is married to my cousin.

She married into a Sikh family.

She married the man whom you know.

He married with a poor girl.

She longs to have married a doctor.

Her aim is to get married.

I am happy to have married him.

I would like to know when they’re getting married.

No sooner did she get married than she got into trouble.

I shall not get married up to that time.

I did not want to get married.

Some parents interfere in their married children’s lives.

Why didn’t you get married until now?

Wishing you a happy and prosperous married life.

He is married and has two pretty children.

Mahatma Gandhi was married to Kasturba at an early age.

He is getting married next month.

Did you know he was married?

Did you know that he was going to be married?

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