Make in a Sentence

Can you make a cup of tea for me?

Let us make it up with him.

When did you make progress ?

I don’t make you wait on me for hours.

Can you make out anything from this letter?

I could make neither head nor tail of what he said.

Please make the position clear.

We should try to make our behavior right.

How did you make out?

You should make a public declaration of your assets.

Does he make a speech ?

He did not make a speech.

You must make a reservation.

He tried to make me understand.

I cannot make head or tail out of it.

Shall I make some coffee for you ?

You will have to make good this loss.

All political parties should join hands to make India a great power in the world.

Let us make merry.

I like people who make me laugh.

Please make sure that all items are present.

I want to make a complaint about my manager.

Don’t make a fuss.

Always make your child feel being loved.

I worked hard to make my dreams a reality.

If you are planning to make a trip to Shimla you can count me in.

I can’t make a thing of what he is saying.

Do not make lame excuses.

Make-up your deficiency in English.

Make the best of every chance.

Anyone can make mistakes.

He sold out his business as he could not make a profit.

I try to make the most of the little money I have.

He did not make many mistakes, and I corrected all of them.

Don’t you make an effort to pass the test ?

If you make a mistake again, you will be punished.

Carpenters make furniture.

Will you make me a small favour ?

If I were a king, I would make you my queen.

Life is what we make of it.

Don’t make this mistake.

Did I make a mess ?

I want to make my house look different.

It was cold enough to make us wear sweaters.

Early to bed and early to rise make a man happy.

He can make his own choice.

If I were the king, I would make you my chief adviser.

Two and two make

Histories make men wise.

I cannot make out the meaning of this poem.

I can make neither head nor tail of what you say.

You should make an honest living.

Life is what you make of it.

She was sobbing so deeply that she couldn’t make any answer.

I am unable to make any meaning of this letter.

If you work hard, you can make a mark in life.

Manners make the man.

If I make a promise, I keep it.

I’ve the guts to make my own way.

God willing, we can make a rapid progress.

You should not be allowed to make a noise.

It is difficult for a poor man to make both ends meet.

Students should not make a noise.

I wish to make you my secretary.

The poor people are finding it hard to make both ends meet due to the rising prices.

Books make us wise.

Don’t make such a mistake

He make fifty thousand a year.

I can not work if you make a noise.

Do these words make sense ?

He plucked some flowers to make garlands.

Straw is used to make paperboard.