major in a sentence

Unemployment is one of the major problems of our country.

He has two major blockages in the blood vessels of his heart.

My grandfather underwent major surgery last year.

The change in climate is the major reason for the destruction around the world.

Mobile and iPods have played a major role in our social upheaval.

Water Wastage is another major cause of water crisis.

History has been a great motivating factor for all major events that have occurred in the world.

Self-esteem is a major component in determining success or failure.

The major source of air pollution in the cities is the heavy traffic on the roads.

Environment plays a major role in our physical health.

He was a major source of inspiration.

It is a major operation.

Dehydration is a major cause of slower blood circulation in the body.

The prices of oil has been a major cause of rising prices.

TV programmers telecast live, major fashion shows conducted not only in India but also in other parts of the world.

Hinduism is among the major religions in India.

A major cause of this is the lack of teachers.

At present, it is one of the major killers.

The major general decided not to send his junior at the border.

Chance and luck play a major role in an examination.

These deadly diseases are devouring a major portion of our population.

Such book fairs should be organized every year in all major cities of the country.

In the state, major share of water is taken by rice-wheat cropping system.

He is a major in the army.

This major novel was a hit.

What are the major reasons for acne and breakouts?

It is one of the major events of the day.

Nicotine is the major ingredient in tobacco that makes it addictive.

One of the major components of a cigarette is nicotine.

The pollution level is rising beyond the permissible limits.

A major fire broke out at the furniture market here.

A major fire broke out in the grain market here on Sunday morning, .

Here is a list of the major culprits.

You may have all the major arteries of your heart fully blocked.

In the past one to two months, the city has been hit by some major outbreaks of diseases.

Strong winds and rain were a major impediment in operations at sea.

We spent the major part of our holidays in the country.

The city increased the number of traffic signals at major intersections.

You may not agree with some of their major policies and this could affect your working relationship.

The police uncovered a major drug operation.

Can you tell me what the major sources of conflict in organizations are?

Traffic is a major urban problem.

A major fire broke out in a cosmetic shop in the busy market.

Diabetes can affect major organs in your body.

What are the major reason for the population explosion?

Privatization also has some major drawbacks.

A major landslide in the state occurred because of heavy rainfall.

A major way of maintaining cleanliness is brushing and bathing regularly.

Anxiety is a major problem that can take away anyone’s self confidence.

Plastic bags are a major source of plastic pollution.

Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer.

Tobacco was one of their major crops.

Agriculture is one of the major sectors of the Indian economy.

Another major issue is the lack of sanitation facilities.

I underwent major surgery last year.

He played a major part in the movement.

After the first world war some major movements broke out in India like Satyagrah & Non-co-operation movement.

Burning of fossil fuels emits carbon-DI-oxide which is a major greenhouse gas.

Japan has had the experience of being hit by major earthquake disasters

Another major concern is the safety of women.

Another major product of mass media is advertising.

The second major effect of modernism is lack of exercise.

I don’t know about the region’s major sport.

Noise pollution is a major problem for animals old people students and sick people.

The hall in which clay models were displayed  was also a major attraction.

My house needs major repairs.

This is also a major cause of the increase in the greenhouse effect.

Though a vehicle has so many benefits it is a major threat to the environment.

Black money is one of the major drawbacks in a nation’s growth.

It is also evident that human activities are the major reason behind the rise in this issue.

Corruption is one of the major reasons that are hindering the growth of the nation.

She spends a major part of her income on food.

It is symbolic of the ending of the major rituals and prayers.

Vehicles are a major cause of pollution.

Noise pollution is a major problem during Diwali.

One of the major sports on Makar Sankranti is kite flying.

One of the major driving forces behind this is science.

It’s good to postpone major decisions.

Air pollution is one of the major causes of Global Warming.

Safety remains a major concern here.

Not getting proper sleep is one of the major health problems.

That is a major problem in this era.

Name three major causes of water scarcity?

We must take major steps to prevent it.

Terrorism is a major problem all over the world at the moment.

There are some major factors behind this lack of balance.

The major causes of acid rain are Natural and Human-Instigated causes.

Biodiversity plays a major role in maintaining the balance of the earth.

Now we know the major issues which are causing damage to the environment.

Here are some of the major projects the organization has delivered in the past years.

Water pollution is another major problem.

Generation-gap is also a major cause of separating the old generation from the younger one.

Her mother is going to undergo a major operation next week.

In the past years the government passed a major bill.

There has been a major decline in these minerals like coal copper and more.

It is flown on all major government buildings and on important historical places.

Tension is a major cause of heart disease.

What’s your major field?

Moreover it plays a major role in our lives.

The price of oil has been a major cause of rising prices.

That is your major problem.

Unemployment is a major problem that faces the youngmen of our country.

Representatives made a major breakthrough in the trade talks.

Poverty is still the major cause of crime.

We toured all the major cities.

Two major issues had to be settled.

Pollution has become a major cause of many health issues.

He will always remain a major figure in the field of English language and grammar.

It is the most-watched sport in India and people even miss their schools and offices when any major international match is happening.

Moreover child labour is another major social issue that damages the lives of young children.

Waste is the major cause of environmental degradation.

Science has played a very major role in the Agriculture sector.

Plastic bags are a major cause of environmental pollution.

Some of these resources like fossil fuel are non-renewable and are causing major problems already.

The plastic bags entering into the water bodies are a major cause of water pollution.

There are many factors which are making this happen however one major concern is that of deforestation.

This is one of the major issues for wildlife protectors.

This universal solvent is one of the major resources we have on this planet.

This was a major event in the history of India.

Without any denial we can say that women’s education is a major step toward success.

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