Made-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : कृत्रिम, निर्मित, बनाया, यौगिक, किया हुआ, बनाया हुआ, तैयार किया हुआ, भिन्न-भिन्न भागों से निर्मित

Example Sentences :

Your voice made me cry.

I made it clear to my friends that I will not go with them.

Who made the discovery of America?

He made a cottage with twigs and clay.

My ring is made of gold.

This ring is not made of gold.

Throughout history the man has made energy from the sun.

She denied that she had made any statement to the press.

You should never have made the promise.

He had made a great sum of money.

He made himself the most hated man in the village.

It almost made him sick.

Man had made machines for his own service.

This made her unhappy.

The crocodile made its hold loose for a moment.

What made him do so ?

Have you made very much money this year?

I’m sure your description made everything clear.

Have you made anything today?

He made a dramatic statement.

Have you made anything today?

He was made to sing.

Riches has made him proud.

I made him to polish my shoes.

Are you sure the bra size you wear is the perfect one, made just for you?