made in a sentence

He has made a time-table and works strictly according to it.

He made up his scrap book from odd bits of paper.

Science has made our life easy and comfortable.

Everyone and everything is made of atoms.

Honey is made by bees.

Internet has connected all the people of the world and has made communication a matter of seconds.

What is the shuttlecock made of?

Bread is made from flour.

Many medicines, balms and some other useful things are made from trees.

Very strict laws should be made to preserve.

He made a fine speech.

This house is made of brick.

I got this shoe made to order.

He has made good progress.

They made him the butt of endless practical jokes.

The sudden pain made her dance up and down.

The magnet is made of iron.

The waiting passengers made a dash for the bus.

Kites are made from thin paper and bamboo stripes.

You have made the dish very well.

His jokes have made him a household name in the country.

This made them burst into peals of laughter.

We made him do all the work.

The medication made me drowsy.

Increasing materialism has made man selfish.

His defeat made us miserable.

Car tyres are made of rubber.

What she said made me angry.

Last year our company made a profit of 50 crores.

He was made to work.

He made a sound decision by refusing the offer.

She made a strong plea.

This building is made from brick and mortar.

He made a mention of you when we met last month.

He made a marathon speech.

She made a magnanimous donation to the school.

We made a left turn on reaching the main road.

He was once strong, but time has made him weak.

She made a paste by mixing some flour and water.

I made a spelling mistake in my essay but the teacher did not point it out.

It made him famous throughout the world.

They made tremendous efforts to upset our plans.

He has made a lot of money by foul means.

Has he made a noise ?

This ring is made of gold.

This table is made of wood.

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