made in a sentence

He has made a time-table and works strictly according to it.

He made up his scrap book from odd bits of paper.

Science has made our life easy and comfortable.

Everyone and everything is made of atoms.

Honey is made by bees.

Internet has connected all the people of the world and has made communication a matter of seconds.

What is the shuttlecock made of?

Bread is made from flour.

Many medicines, balms and some other useful things are made from trees.

Very strict laws should be made to preserve.

He made a fine speech.

This house is made of brick.

I got this shoe made to order.

He has made good progress.

They made him the butt of endless practical jokes.

The sudden pain made her dance up and down.

The magnet is made of iron.

The waiting passengers made a dash for the bus.

Kites are made from thin paper and bamboo stripes.

You have made the dish very well.

His jokes have made him a household name in the country.

This made them burst into peals of laughter.

We made him do all the work.

The medication made me drowsy.

Increasing materialism has made man selfish.

His defeat made us miserable.

Car tyres are made of rubber.

What she said made me angry.

Last year our company made a profit of 50 crores.

He was made to work.

He made a sound decision by refusing the offer.

She made a strong plea.

This building is made from brick and mortar.

He made a mention of you when we met last month.

He made a marathon speech.

She made a magnanimous donation to the school.

We made a left turn on reaching the main road.

He was once strong, but time has made him weak.

She made a paste by mixing some flour and water.

I made a spelling mistake in my essay but the teacher did not point it out.

It made him famous throughout the world.

They made tremendous efforts to upset our plans.

He has made a lot of money by foul means.

Has he made a noise ?

This ring is made of gold.

This table is made of wood.

This desk is made of hard wood.

This bag is made of leather.

This handkerchief is made of paper.

He made us repeat the sentence several times.

He was made captain of the team.

I made a lot of money on the side.

You have made all my dreams come true.

Now that you have made your decision

You’ve made me what I am.

We have made an effort to quote our most competitive price.

He never made a name.

He made good his escape.

Previous to his death he made his will.

He made an agreement to supply me with firewood.

Whoever came was made welcome.

I made him run.

This sweater is made of wool.

The table is made of wood.

She towelled me dry and made me wear new clothes.

I too made some boats out of the sheets of paper and floated them in the water.

I have made all the arrangements.

Many schools have made it compulsory for the students to wear a uniform.

From the Stone Age to the present space age, man has made a great progress.

What on earth made you think that ?

He made a sign to the servant.

The girl made no reply.

The girl made a frank reply.

He made several unsuccessful attempts.

It was made to stand there like a door-keeper.

The house is made of stones.

The horror film really made my hair stand on end.

You went to the dry cleaner and made the complaint.

He made the cart with his own hands.

On the floor there are cotton rugs which were made in central Asia.

The programme of family planning must be made successful.

And if you have made place in people’s heart, then for sure they wouldn’t forget you.

Rocks are made of hard stones.

I had made a complete new outfit.

Everything is made of atoms.

He cooked a meal on the fire-place made of three stones.

I noticed he made a quick departure afterward.

The activists were told to strip and made to lie down on ice slabs.

Modern medicine has made our lives better in many ways.

Most water bottles are made out of polycarbonate.

You made me lose my mind.

What made you change your mind?

I made my decision.

Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows

You are made to be a poet.

You made the same mistake as last time.

Your English has made gradual progress.

Your mother has made you what you are.

What’s the reason that made you call me?

We made him go there.

The section chief made me work like a slave.

The mere idea of swimming across the river made me tremble.

It was not long before they made their appearance.

Butter and cheese are made from milk.

Butter is made from cream.

Butter is made from milk.

What is butter made of?

She made the sign for cat.

I guess I haven’t made myself clear.

What are they made of?

The medicine made me sleepy.

What was she doing when she made that blunder?

The boy made vain efforts to reach the shore.

The car made an abrupt turn.

The letter made her sad.

The species will be made extinct by the end of this century.

The bridge is so made that it may open in the middle.

The robot made its way toward him.

The gown is made of silk.

I made my first contact with him there.

The candles made the room bright.

The dessert was made with whipped cream.

The dying man made an effort to say something

The plane made a perfect landing.

The unhappy event made him put an end to himself.

What stuff is this jacket made of?

This work is made for him.

The contestant made two false starts.

The blood made her excited.

We were made to practice three hours a day by the manager.

We may have made a mistake.

We made a check of the student’ records.

I made him run.

The boy was made to do the whole work.

She made the boy do the whole work.

It was one of the best speeches that have ever been made in the Parliament.

The boy was made to do the whole work.

She made the boy do the whole work.

They say marriages are made in heaven and God gives us the perfect match.

Whoever came was made welcome.

He made a vow that he would fast for a week.

The committee has made its decision.

Has he made a good job of those shelves?

This wallet is made of plastic not leather.

It’s made her very depressed.

The dance made me dizzy.

He made two copies of the letter.

The smoke made him cough.

He made a condition that we couldn’t accept.

The roof was made of concrete.

She made some nice comments about my new clothes.

The smoke made her choke.

She made an attempt to fix it.

The plane made an emergency landing.

He made a sign to us to stop.

He made a remark about the loud music.

It made her feel a little uneasy to ask him t do it.

What made him pull himself together?

Has everyone made a fortune here?

Somebody made a mountain out of a mole-hill.

He made away with ten thousand rupees.

The watchman made after the thief and soon overtook him.

He made two attempts.

I made him monitor.

The teacher made the children wait.

These must be made compulsory in all schools and colleges.

I made him see reason.

I made the horse run fast.

I got this shirt made to order.

I got this shirt made by order.

Hard work has made Japan what it is today.

The robbers made away with all the money in the safe.

We have made several complaints, but to no avail.

The study made it clear that smoking ruins our health.

The firm has made large profits from exports.

His sister made me some sandwiches.

She always made out that she was very rich.

We have made repeated requests regarding our salaries, but to no avail.

These cars are made in Japan.

These boxes are made of plastic.

Is this made in Switzerland?

This answer made him angry.

He made his wife do the work.

The negotiations made little progress.

He made his wife do the work.

He never made a name.

He made good his escape.

He made an agreement to supply me with firewood.

They inspired us with their ethnic looks.

I am awfully sorry  but I hope it is not really as bad as he made out.

I made a really stupid mistake.

This car was made in Japan.

This chimney is made of brick.

I made enquiries about the man.

I strongly believe that we made the right decision.

They made the wall stronger.

The box is made of stiff cardboard.

This sweater is made by hand.

You will have to do it.

These trousers are made of durable cloth.

Despite this, I do not agree that it should be made illegal.

I agree that it should be made illegal considering its harms to health.

We made this film with love and we made it with tenderness.

Saris are made from silk and cotton.

Shivaji made many reforms in land revenue system from time to time.

Some Volunteers had made separate arrangements for men and women.

Wine made here is very famous.

The wall is made of stone.

He lost sight of  mark he had made on the wall.

I looked at the pulpit made of finely carved wood.

This wall is made of stone.

A decision has been made and cannot be revoked.

This is how I made the machine.

He made me report the lessons.

He made a mistake and, therefore, the teacher punished him.

I have made a blunder.

The path that he is treading on has made him go .

You made an agreement to supply them with coal.

He made a blunder in resigning his job.

He made an apple pie.

These growths are made of muscle and fibrous tissue.

He was made to read the book.

He made an immediate recommendation.

He made an immediate suggestion.

He made a formal announcement.

They made an apology for having spoken so rudely.

He made a formal announcement.

He made precise gestures.

He made a dramatic statement.

He made movements rapidly.

He made gestures precisely.

He made a sudden comment.

In the course of his lecture, he made a mention of you.

She made me do it.

He made her family leave home.

The Greeks made theoretical models of geometry.

You have made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

You have made the very same mistake again.

You made the mistake on purpose

What made you come here?

What made you so dissatisfied?

What a big mistake you made in your English composition!

We’ve made a final decision.

Wine is made from grapes.

We made a contract with the firm.

Many improvements have been made since this century began.

He made me a nice dress.

What made him change his mind?

The truck made a sharp turn to the right.

The truck made a sharp turn to the left.

Registration of courses may be made compulsory.

The Chairman made a mistake by adjourning the House sine die.

We were made to stay in a small room.

Most Japanese temples are made of wood.

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