lust in a sentence

The lust for money has increased so much that we have forgotten moral values.

Lust is a part of our lives and nature, so why shy away from it?

He has lust for money.

Lust is momentary whereas love is forever.

Lust gives birth to aggression love brings togetherness.

Love between us did not sprout because of lust.

An element of lust becomes manifest.

Why most people don’t acknowledge lust is because it is said to be sinful.

I have no lust for power and money.

We are all aware how the lust for tasty foods ruins our lives by causing health problems and obesity.

In lust, even a living being becomes a mere object.

It is necessary for each individual to rise up from the materialism and lust and do not slaughter the soul within us.

This painting is all about the lust for power.

The lust for power has corrupted him.

He has a great lust for wealth.

Are You In Love Or Lust?

Many people confuse lust with love.

It’s the lust distracted him.

Men get confused with their feelings of love and lust towards a woman.

How it is possible to get rid of lust?

His lust for money brought about his ruin.

He has a lot of wander-lust.

They always lust after riches.

His lust for money hindered his slow and steady rise in career.

They have lust for power.

I have no lust for money.

You have a great lust for wealth.

His wander lust has taken him to many distant lands.

The lust for temporal power is at the root of all conflicts.

He has a great lust for fame.

She has a great lust for jewels.

I have no lust for money.

He has a great lust for wealth.

Love creates and lust destroys the peace in the heart of a man.

You cannot satisfy your lust however hard you may try.