Luggage-word meaning in hindi

Noun : असबाब, सामान, लगेज, सफर का असबाब

Example Sentences :

He sent his luggage earlier.

Please do not leave your luggage unattended.

We placed our luggage in a room and went to the Mall.

We loaded a lot of luggage into the car.

I want this luggage carried to my room at once.

He left his luggage at the station.

He carried her luggage to the train.

I had him carry my luggage to the platform.

Would you carry my luggage upstairs?

My luggage didn’t arrive. What happened?

Where are the luggage carts?

Please help me to bring my suitcase down from the luggage rack.

It looks like your luggage is on the next flight.

I want this luggage taken to my room at once.

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