luggage in a sentence


I have booked my luggage.

There are luggage racks above the seats in a train, bus, etc.

He packed his luggage.

His furniture and luggage were put to auction.

Pick up your luggage and be off my sight.

Do I have to pay extra amount for my luggage?

He had packed my luggage.

A thief made away with my luggage.

I have lost my luggage in the airport.

Please look after my luggage.

Passengers are requested to take care of their luggage themselves.

Let me help you with the luggage.

What do you have in your luggage?

He lost his luggage.

The luggage was so heavy that I couldn’t carry it.

What should I do with my heavy luggage ?

The security people checked my luggage.

I picked up my luggage and went to the railway station.

His luggage was being checked.

He has left the country bag and baggage.

He packed his luggage.

I called a collie to pick up my luggage.

The security people checked my luggage.

She not only lost her ticket but also her luggage.

Have you booked your luggage ?

Where is your luggage?

I am coming with a heavy luggage.

I put a name label on my luggage.

Put the luggage on the roof-rack.

I have booked my luggage.

Our luggage was checked by the customs people and then we were allowed to go.

Will I carry your luggage for you ?

Could you keep this luggage until p.m.?

My luggage didn’t arrive. What happened?

Some of the luggage hasn’t arrived yet.

We loaded a lot of luggage into the car.

He doesn’t carry much luggage on trips.

Would you carry my luggage upstairs?

Please do not leave your luggage unattended.

Where are the luggage carts?

He left his luggage at the station.

He put the luggage down.

The airport baggage claim area was crowded with passengers eagerly waiting for their luggage.

He carefully packed his belongings into a sturdy suitcase, ensuring that the luggage was secure for his trip.

The airline misplaced her luggage, causing her to wait anxiously for its delivery to her destination.

The hotel porter swiftly carried the guests’ luggage to their respective rooms.

The airport security personnel conducted thorough checks on passengers’ luggage to ensure safety.

The traveler’s backpack was a convenient choice for his trip, as it allowed him to move freely without checking in any luggage.

The hotel provided a complimentary luggage storage service for guests who wanted to explore the city after check-out.

She used colorful luggage tags to easily identify her bags at the airport carousel.

The hotel concierge offered to help with carrying the guests’ luggage to their rooms.

The backpacker carried a lightweight and compact luggage set to make traveling more manageable.

The airline enforced strict weight limits for checked luggage, and passengers were advised to pack accordingly.

The vintage leather suitcase added a touch of elegance and sophistication to her luggage collection.

The traveler had to pay an extra fee for exceeding the airline’s allowed dimensions for carry-on luggage.

The baggage handler efficiently loaded the passengers’ luggage onto the plane before departure.

She used a luggage lock to secure her suitcase during her train journey.

The luggage tag got torn during transit, making it difficult for the airline to identify the owner.

The traveler eagerly waited at the carousel, anxious to retrieve her luggage and start her vacation.

The hotel provided complimentary luggage carts to assist guests in transporting their belongings.

The traveler placed a fragile sticker on her luggage, hoping it would receive special care during handling.

The airline offered express check-in for passengers traveling with only carry-on luggage.

He forgot to put his contact information on the luggage tag, making it challenging for the airline to locate him when his bag was lost.

The traveler was pleased to find that her luggage arrived intact and on time at her destination.

The bellboy promptly assisted the elderly couple with their luggage upon arrival at the hotel.

The traveler used a bright, distinctive luggage strap to easily spot her suitcase on the conveyor belt.

The airport staff announced a delay in the luggage retrieval process due to a technical issue.

She packed all her essentials into a compact carry-on luggage to avoid checking in any bags.

The airline provided complimentary plastic covers to protect passengers’ luggage from rain and dirt.

The traveler opted for a hard-shell suitcase to protect delicate items inside the luggage.

The luggage drop-off area was conveniently located near the airport entrance for passengers’ convenience.

The traveler purchased a luggage scale to avoid exceeding weight limits and incurring additional fees.

The traveler’s checked luggage underwent thorough security screening before being loaded onto the plane.

The airport offered a luggage wrapping service for passengers who wanted extra protection for their bags.

The traveler’s luggage included a laptop backpack, which she used to carry her electronic devices and work documents.

The flight attendants helped passengers stow their luggage in the overhead bins to ensure efficient boarding and deplaning.

The traveler’s luggage set included a toiletry bag, allowing her to keep all her personal care items organized during her trip.

The couple eagerly packed their luggage for their much-anticipated honeymoon to a tropical destination.

The airport provided baggage carts to help passengers transport their heavy luggage throughout the terminal.

The traveler’s luggage contained souvenirs and mementos from her travels around the world.

The baggage claim area was a hub of activity as passengers eagerly searched for their luggage on the carousel.

The business traveler carried a sleek and professional-looking laptop bag as his carry-on luggage.

The hotel offered a luggage storage service for early arrivals and late departures, allowing guests to explore the city without their bags.

The traveler invested in a durable and expandable luggage set to accommodate her shopping finds during her trip.

The traveler’s checked luggage underwent an extra security inspection due to the presence of electronic devices and batteries.

The airport’s lost and found department worked diligently to reunite passengers with their misplaced luggage.

The young adventurer embarked on a backpacking trip, choosing a versatile backpack as his main luggage for the journey.

The airport’s baggage handlers carefully loaded the luggage onto the conveyor belt to ensure safe transport to the planes.

The traveler used a luggage tag holder to protect her contact information from wear and tear during travel.

The hotel offered a complimentary luggage forwarding service, allowing guests to send their bags directly to their next destination.

The family used matching luggage sets for each member, making it easy to identify their belongings during their vacation.

The traveler purchased a luggage strap with a built-in weighing scale to avoid exceeding airline weight limits.

The airport’s baggage services desk provided assistance to passengers whose luggage was delayed or lost.

The businessman opted for a sleek and professional-looking leather briefcase as his carry-on luggage.

The traveler decided to rent a storage locker at the airport to store her luggage during a long layover.

The young traveler felt a sense of adventure as she carried her backpack, her only luggage, for her solo trip around Europe.

The traveler used luggage packing cubes to keep her clothes organized and compact during her travels.

The family of travelers decided to use bright-colored luggage tags to easily spot their bags on the carousel.

The hotel’s bellman assisted the guests with their luggage and escorted them to their rooms.

The airline’s online check-in system allowed passengers to print their luggage tags from the comfort of their homes.

The traveler’s checked luggage was securely wrapped in plastic to protect it from damage during handling.

The airport offered a luggage delivery service, allowing passengers to have their bags delivered directly to their accommodations.

The travelers decided to pack a collapsible duffel bag in their luggage, anticipating the need for extra space on their return journey.

The family decided to use colorful luggage straps to easily distinguish their bags from others at the airport.

The hotel’s concierge provided luggage storage and offered recommendations for nearby attractions to explore.

The couple’s luggage included a picnic blanket and snacks, prepared for spontaneous outdoor adventures during their trip.

The airline informed passengers about the maximum dimensions allowed for carry-on luggage to ensure smooth boarding.

The traveler opted for a lightweight and compact rolling luggage to easily navigate through crowded airports.

The hotel offered a complimentary luggage shuttle to the nearby train station for guests’ convenience.

The flight attendant reminded passengers to securely close their carry-on luggage bins before takeoff and landing.

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