Loyal-word meaning in hindi

Noun : देशभक्त होना

Adjective : सच्चा, राजनिष्‍ठ, निष्‍ठावान, देश-भक्त, राज-भक्त, भक्ति युक्त, स्वामिभक्त, वफ़ादार, आज्ञाकारी, वफादार, राजभक्त, भक्त, निष्ठावान्, निष्ठावान, निष्ठ, ईमानदार

Verb : देशभक्त होना, देशभक्त

Example Sentences :

She proved to be a loyal friend.

She’s loyal to us.

Be loyal to your own piece of mind.

He is selfish and is not loyal to us.

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