Low-word meaning in hindi

Noun : निम्न होना, रंभाहट, रंभाहट

Adjective : मंद, दलित, धीमा, धीमी, निकटवर्ती, निचला, निम्न, निर्धन, नीच, भाटा, धीमा, विनीत, सलाम, हल्का, दबा हुआ, निम्न श्रेणी का, तल के पास, भूमि के समीप का, छोटा, निचला, नीचा, मंद, विनीत, अधम, अधिक, उतार, ओछा, कंगाल, छोटी, कम, कमीना, खुला, गहरा, गरीब

Adverb : धीरे से, धीमे, नीचे

Verb : बैल की तरह डकारना या बोलना, निम्न होना, रंभाना, रंभाना, बैल की तरह डकारना, नीचे

Example Sentences :

He spoke in a very low voice.

This chair is too low for me.

The poor people in India subsist at a very low level.

But over the years, business touched a low ebb.

His credibility is at a very low ebb.

Your energy could be at low ebb.

The unit can be custom made at home at a very low cost.

Unfortunately their morality is at a very low ebb.

His credibility is at a low ebb due to his soaring ambitions and authoritarian mindset.

I feel very low and have lost interest in daily activities.

How it was possible to carry out work at such a low rate.

The most significant side effect of leukaemia treatment is low counts of RBC.

This has resulted n long life and low mortality.

I saw some people there leading a low life.

The stock prices are on the low side today.

She complained about my low salary.

I was agreeably surprised by the low prices.

They searched high and low for the missing boy but to no avail.

Lots of low trees grow on the hill.

I bought this coat at a low price.

The moon is low in the sky.

She has low tastes.

She quit her job because of the low pay and long hours.

Please simmer the beans for a while over a low heat.

I bought a VCR at that store for a low price.

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