loves in a sentence

My grandmother loves me very much and entertains me by relating short stories.

Every child loves the stars.

She loves reading and writing.

Man loves flattery.

She loves me with all her heart and soul.

I feel no one loves me and so I feel lonely and neglected.

He loves his country very much.

My mother loves cleanliness.

He loves his wife passionately.

He loves cooking.

He loves spending time with children.

He loves swimming.

He loves children from the core of his heart.

He loves his wife very much.

She loves to read and talk about the latest books.

He loves milk with corn-flakes.

He loves to eat some fruits in the lunch.

He loves his country very much.

He loves music and poetry.

He loves to spread rumours around.

She loves her friends.

Everybody loves his mother.

She loves me heartily.

She loves her daughter very much.

She loves either you or me.

I know the girl whom he loves.

He loves to kid people.

My brother loves hunting.

Everybody loves wealth.

You have a family who loves you.

She loves her children dearly.

My mother loves me.

A mother loves her children.

Every ass loves his bray.

Each of us loves his home.

Though I frowned upon him, he loves me still.

He loves you in his heart of hearts.

He loves to be flattered and this is his Achilles’ heel.

She loves me.

She loves her children.

She loves me very much.

Everyone loves her.

She loves teaching.

She loves to gamble although she always loses money.

He loves to argue and quarrel with people.

My mother loves me

She loves to eat a vegetarian diet.

She loves freedom of action and movement.

He loves us as his own children.

He really loves that film.

God loves all.

She loves me very much.

My father loves to play hockey.

She loves to wear loose clothes.

She loves getting up very early.

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