Love antonym-opposite word of love in English

Animosity, Dislike, Enmity, Hate, Hatred, Ill will, Indifference, Neglect, Apathy, Coolness, Disloyalty, Misery, Sorrow, Treachery, Unhappiness

Example Sentences of Love :

He must love you.

His love grew cold.

She fell in love with him.

I decided to tell her that I love her.

I love parties.

I don’t love her anymore.

I could tell you that I love you

I wrote a love letter last night.

Most children love ice cream.

We love him all the more because he is honest.

My love for my dog was very deep.

I love American movies.

I feel a great love for all of humanity.

I love watching basketball.

One must love one’s neighbour.

That he is in love with her is true.

I know they’re in love with each other.

They love each other.

I fell in love with her.

She fell in love with him at first sight.

She has a love of learning.

She has an innate love of adventure.

I love her and she loves me.

I love baseball.

You ought to love your neighbours.

I love Arabic.

Do you really love me from the bottom of your heart?

Do you love me?

I have never fallen in love with any girl.

I decided to tell him that I love her.

I love to eat chocolate

I love to go to the movies.

I love going to the movies.

I can’t love anyone but you.

I love this photo.

I love pizza very much.

Give my love to your family.

The love letter ought to have reached her.

I love my new apartment because it’s very close to the station.

I love comedies.

I love rock musicians.

I love the taste of watermelon.

I love reading books.

The scientist has a love of facts

Young people love adventure.

I love him for what he is.

He must love you.

We would love to work with you.

I love music as well as sports.

I love him all the more for his faults.

Nothing but your love can save her now.

It is no wonder that the children love to visit the farm.

We love each other.

I love French films.

I love this job from the bottom of my heart.

I love comic books.

I love music.

Japanese love to soak in a hot tub before bed.

You’re the love of my life.

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