loss in a sentence

Don’t be deaf to their loss.

Has he really profited from your loss ?

He died from loss of blood.

I was at a loss to know what to do.

Flood waters cause much loss to life and property.

The loss of your father is irreparable’.

The accident resulted in the loss of many human lives.

Her death is a personal loss to me.

There has been a lot of loss of property.

I am at a loss to know what to do.

There will be about 10 per cent loss of yield as far as the damage so far is concerned.

The loss to crops is beyond revival.

He has suffered a heavy loss.

I will insure my car against total loss.

I wanted to achieve my goal at any cost, even at the loss of my life.

Hormonal imbalances after pregnancy can also cause hair loss.

She was at a loss as to what to do and whom to approach next

I cannot bear this loss.

Everyone will grieve for your loss.

By handing over the whole business to your son, you are running the risk of a big loss.

The loss of health is a great misfortune.

Fortunately there was no loss of life.

It would really be a great loss.

I have made up for the loss in my studiers.

He will be compensated for his loss by the authorities.

Scientists and doctors have been investigating the reasons for this loss for quite a while now.

We read a lot about the importance of walking to achieve weight loss and a sound overall health.

Belly dancing is a fun activity that aid weight loss.

Weight loss surgery has become quite popular in recent years.

Weight loss exercises at home can give you as effective results as your gym sessions.

Peanuts for weight loss are good because it is packed with protein and fibre.

Green vegetables, fruits, salads and whole grain are the best weight loss food for men.