lose in a sentence

I will not lose this chance.

Noble people do not lose their qualities even by losing their lives.

Do not lose heart.

Noble people do not lose their qualities even by losing their lives.

Whatever happens, do not lose heart.

The horror story can make anyone lose his nerve.

We should not lose our heart even in the worst situation.

Whatever the circumstance, we should not lose our confidence.

Always remember not to lose focus of what is important for you in life.

He cannot afford to lose it.

He did not lose his presence of mind.

It is unfortunate that you should lose your job.

Farmers do not like to lose possession of their land.

If you lose your health in the process of earning money then you lose money in trying to regain your health.

Please do not lose heart.

Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself.

It was a close shave.

Don’t lose it again.

It is a pity that he lose the game.

We should not lose heart when there are difficulties.

Do not lose your temper.

Do no lose heart.

We should not lose temper over trifles.

Without contentment, we lose all rest and peace of mind.

I never ever want to lose you again,

I don’t want to lose you.

I don’t want to lose her.

Don’t lose control.

Do not lose heart.

Please don’t lose it.

When did you lose your phone?

Don’t lose your temper.

What can help me lose weight?

Did we lose it?

One never knows when she will lose her temper.

It was dark enough for us to lose our way.

I will not lose this one.

Don’t lose your temper.

If we do not lose heart, we will succeed.

He is too composed to lose his temper.

I was upset but I did not lose heart.

What do you lose ?

I do not like to lose money.

Kindly do not lose heart.

Should you lose the way, ask somebody.

We didn’t lose any match.

I do not wish to lose the privilege of the gift.

Don’t lose your grace.

I strongly disagree that the radio will lose its importance in the future.

What if we lose this game?

If we lose the morning hours of life we shall have to repent afterwards.

Suppose he lose the game what will he do?

It seems he is going to lose the game.

We indulge more in minor matters and thus lose time.

It was wrong of him to lose his temper.

It makes one lose senses.

If we fail in our attempt, we should not lose heart.

People lose their lives and limbs daily while crossing or driving on these roads.

A friend who always keeps you waiting may lose your friendship.

How can I lose weight ?

He did not want to lose time.

I will lose no time in reading your book.

They do not lose their temper.

In the absence of change, life would lose its charm.

Those who do not do anything, lose the grace of God.

We were sure to lose the match.

If you lose your head, you cannot think or act rightly.

We did not lose the game.

Even in his worst defeat, he will not lose his temper.

He did not lose his presence of mind.

He did not lose heart and kept his presence of mind.

Did you lose the match?

You should not lose heart.

He will never lose his peace of mind.

Never lose your temper.

His fear is that he may lose the match.

They lose the will to fight.

Don’t lose heart.

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