longer in a sentence

How can we make an idea to last longer.

I can trust you no longer.

I was no longer satisfied with slow jogging.

He does not stay here any longer.

Narrow trousers are no longer in fashion.

A thing of need should be carefully handled even when it is no longer in use.

I cannot live in this house any longer.

This land is no longer under cultivation.

How much longer will this go on?

Our supplies cannot hold out longer than a week.

These coins are no longer current.

He can no longer put up with his ill-natured wife.

It was no longer on the agenda.

I fear this umbrella is no longer serviceable to you.

This tense is no longer in use nowadays.

He no-longer suffers at the hands of money lenders.

The work done with cool and calm mind lasts longer and proves fruitful.

The memory of such an occasion lingers longer in our mind.

They are no longer behind the scenes.

I cannot stay here any longer.

He was no longer a healthy man.

It is no longer safe to live here.

A piece of metal becomes longer when it is heated but contracts when it is cooled.

Why is oil no longer cheap and plentiful as it was before ?

He no longer remains dependent on somebody.

A person who gets up early has always a longer day than others.

The question is so important that we can no longer sleep over it.

The whole atmosphere has become so polluted that whatever we breathe, drink or eat is no longer pure.

I cannot continue my studies here any longer.

He is no longer illiterate and superstitious.

He no longer works here.

Smallpox no longer breaks out as an epidemic.

He was no longer cruel.

The Giant is no longer a selfish Giant but he knocks down the great wall and allows children to play in his garden.

On holidays I work longer in my garden.

I no longer feel lonely and lost.

It took longer than I expected.

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