lives in a sentence

A sound mind lives in a sound body.

He lives at a stone’s throw from my house.

She lives in Jalandhar.

Doctors dedicate their lives to treating and curing patients.

Most things in our lives are usually right rather than wrong.

My uncle lives in Mumbai.

All great persons have experienced failure in their lives.

Drug peddlers have been spoiling the lives of innocent people for their selfish ends and making money.

Sometimes we unnecessarily complicate our own lives.

The newspaper occupies an important position in the lives of the people.

She lives a life of ease.

He lives up to his principles,

He lives in a remote village

He lives near your house.

My brother lives in Sweden.

He lives a very orderly life.

He lives here in this house.

He lives far away from this place.

He no longer lives here.

I have a friend who lives in the same building.

He lives in a hut.

He lives from hand to mouth in this pay.

Do you know where he lives ?

My cousin lives in Delhi.

My brother lives at Ludhiana in Punjab.

He who lives beyond his means must come to grief.

My uncle lives in Kolkata.

No body lives in the west of my house.

My friend lives in peace.

He lives too far away to meet me regularly.

There are many causes of stress in people’s lives today.

Books will always hold a place in our lives.

Because of them, we are leading secure lives.

How does television affect our lives?

He lives on fruit and milk.

He lives by his pen.

My friend lives in Punjab.

The belief that stars have some influence on our lives is still common.

This is the house where he lives.

Many indians dedicated their lives for their motherland.

My brother lives in the next house.

Our lives are spent in expectation.

I know the house where he lives.

He lives above his means.

All of us face embarrassing situations in our lives.

He lives alone and works at night somewhere.