livelihood in a sentence

He earns his livelihood by the sweat of his brow.

A street hawker has to work very hard for his livelihood.

The youth of today is facing the challenge of livelihood with unemployability.

They earn their livelihood by renting traditional dresses and artificial jewellery to tourists.

Livelihood opportunities should be developed at the village level.

It will snatch their only source of livelihood.

I have chosen this job as a source of livelihood.

They earn a livelihood by selling wares on the streets.

He has lost his only source of earning a livelihood.

She is earning her livelihood selling samosas and pakodas.

They have lost all avenues of livelihood in the rain fury.

We are giving them a platform for earning livelihood in a dignified way.

There are people who make their livelihood with the spirituality.

My livelihood was to kill and sell birds and animals.

There are many reasons that push millions of women to come out in public and earn their livelihood.

Do your duties, earn your livelihood.

Earn livelihood only by honest means.

Some unfortunate people have to earn their livelihood through killing.

I have not learned to do physical labour to earn my livelihood.

He earns his livelihood by dancing and singing.

I take responsibility of your livelihood.

He earns his livelihood by an honest means.

He wants to earn his livelihood.

He works hard so that he may earn good livelihood.

They adopt dishonest means to earn their livelihood.

He earns his livelihood by writing songs.

They wander from place to place and earn their livelihood.

He worked in a coal mine to earn his livelihood.

Everyone is busy in earning his livelihood.

He earns his livelihood by fair means.

He earns his livelihood from teaching.