Listen-word meaning in punjabi

Noun : ਚੁੱਪ

Verb : ਸੁਣ, ਸੁਣਨ, ਸੁਣਨਾ

Example Sentences :

He didn’t bother to listen to her advice.

It upsets me to have to listen to the same thing over and over again.

They keep sitting and listen to the music for hours.

I am going to take bath please listen for the milkman’s call.

I shall sit still and listen to the music.

He urged the audience to be quiet and listen to his words.

She will not listen to anyone.

He will not listen to you or me.

They did not listen to him.

You must listen to what your father says.

Do they listen to you ?

The manager did not listen to me as the clerk had already poisoned his ears against me.

He did not listen to me.

Please, listen to him.

I’m going to listen to this tape.

We don’t have the time to listen to your stories.

Please listen to the text carefully.

This cosy little room is a handy place to sit in and listen to the radiogram.

You must listen to what your teacher says.

He told the child to listen to that nice music.

I did not listen to him.

Don’t listen anything about them.

Will you not listen to me ?

Let’s listen to the weather report on the radio.

Did you listen to that program?

Did you listen to the radio last night?

We listen attentively.

Why do you have to listen to them?

We like to listen to music.

Did you listen to that program?

In fact, I listen practically every night.

We like to listen to music.

He asked them whether they would listen to such a man.

Women like talking a lot about themselves and they want someone to listen to them.

You have to give up ego and listen to your inner voice.

He would listen to everybody .