list of one word substitution in english grammar

A traditional story related to deities – Myth ( मिथ ) Meaning – पौराणिक कथा

Having no beginning or end to its existence – Eternal ( ईटर्नल ) Meaning – अनन्त

Fear of strangers – Xenophobia ( ज़ेनफोबीअ ) Meaning – अज्ञातजन भीति

A medical examination of a dead body – Postmortem ( पोस्ट्मॉर्टम ) Meaning – शवपरीक्षा

One who can neither read nor write – illiterate( इलिटरिट ) Meaning – अनपढ़

A person having deep study in a language – Philologist Meaning – भाषाशास्त्री

A hater of smoking – Misocapnic

Life of person written by someone else – Biography ( बाइआग्रफी ) Meaning – जीवनी

A period of ten years – Decade ( डेकेड ) Meaning – दशक

Murder of one’s brother – Fratricide ( फ्रैट्रिसाइड ) Meaning – भ्रातृहंता

A sound which cannot be heard – Inaudible( इनॉडबल ) Meaning – अश्राव्य

An instrument of seeing distant objects – Telescope( टेलिस्कोप ) Meaning – दूरबीन

An inscription on a tomb – Epitaph( एपिटैफ ) Meaning – समाधि-लेख

A partner in crime – Accomplice ( अकाम्प्लिस ) Meaning – सहापराधी

Government by the rich – Plutocracy ( प्लूटाक्रसी ) Meaning – धनिक तन्त्र

Not suitable to be eaten – Inedible (इनेडबल) Meaning – अखाद्य

One who is free from all mistakes and failures – Infallible ( इन्फैलबल ) Meaning – कभी गलती न करने वाला

A person who loves everybody is called – Cosmopolitan (काज़्मपालिटन) Meaning – विश्वप्रेमी

One who is easily deceived – Gullible (गलबल) Meaning – सीधा-सादा

One who knows many languages – Polyglot (पालीग्लाट) Meaning -बहुभाषी

A grass eating animal – Herbivorous (हर्बिवरस) Meaning – शाकाहारी

A fear from water – Hydrophobia (हाइड्रफोबीअ) Meaning – जलभीति

One who cannot be corrected – Incorrigible ( इन्कॉरिजबल ) Meaning – असुधार्य

That which cannot be conquered – Invincible (इन्विन्सबल) Meaning – अजेय

One who is unmarried – Celibate (सेलिबट) Meaning – कुंवारा

One who questions everything – Cynic ( सिनिक )

One who has strange habits – Eccentric (एक्सेन्ट्रिक) Meaning – विचित्र

A person difficult to please – Fastidious (फैस्टिडीअस) Meaning – तुनुक मिजाज

Belonging to the Middle Ages – Medieval (मीडीईवल) Meaning – मध्यकालीन

One who hates mankind – Misanthrope (मिसन्थ्रोप) Meaning – मानवद्वेषी

One who is a newcomer – Neophyte (नीअफाइट) Meaning – नवछात्र

Properties inherited from one’s father – Patrimony (पैट्रमोनी) Meaning -पैतृक संपत्ति

One who copies from other writers – Plagiarist  Meaning – साहित्यिक चोर

An animal who preys on other animals – Predator (प्रेडटर) Meaning – परभक्षी

Murder of wife – Uxoricide

A substance that can stick or cause sticking – Adhesive (ऐड्हीसिव) Meaning – चेपक

The scientific study of plants – Botany (बाटनी) Meaning – वनस्पति विज्ञान

A performance given by a number of musicians – Concert (कान्सर्ट) Meaning – सहगान

The home of a large fierce wild animal – Den (डेन) Meaning – मांद

The scientific study of insects – Entomology (एन्टमालजी) Meaning – कीटविज्ञान

The place in the ground where a dead person is buried – Grave (ग्रेव) Meaning – क़ब्र

Difficult or impossible to read – illegible (इलेजबल) Meaning – अस्पष्ट

A pleasant song used for causing children to sleep – Lullaby (ललबाइ) Meaning – लोरी

A long pole used for rowing a boat – Oar (ऑर) Meaning – पतवार

One who does something first – Pioneer (पाइअनीर) Meaning – पथ प्रदर्शक

A person who lives a wandering life – Vagabond (वैगबान्ड) Meaning – खाना बदोश

One who is very eager for knowledge and reads a lot – Voracious

Make-up room behind stage – Green Room

Work for which no salary is paid – Honorary (आनरेरी) Meaning – अवैतनिक

Having two or more possible meanings – Ambiguous (ऐम्बिग्यूअस) Meaning –     अनेकार्थी

Piece of land planted with fruit trees – Orchard (ऑर्चर्ड) Meaning – बाग

The art of making maps and charts – Cartography (कार्टाग्रफी) Meaning – नक्शानवीसी

One who plays for pleasure – Amateur (ऐमचुर) Meaning – शौक़ीन

lady who remains unmarried – Spinster (स्पिन्स्टर) Meaning – अविवाहिता

A plant or animal growing on another – Parasite (पैरसाइट) Meaning – परजीवी

A man of odd habits – Eccentric (एक्सेन्ट्रिक) Meaning – विचित्र

Fear of thunder and lightening – Astraphobia

Killing of one’s father – Patricide (पैट्रिसाइड) Meaning – पितृहत्या

A person who believes in the existence of god – Theist (थीइस्ट) Meaning – आस्तिक

A writing or speech in praise of someone – Eulogy (यूलजी) Meaning – प्रशंसा भाषण

A small house with all rooms on one floor – Bungalow (बंगगलो) Meaning – बंगला

Word with the same spelling as another – Homonym (हॉमनिम) Meaning – हमनाम

One who breaks into a building especially in order to steal – Burglar (बर्ग्लर) Meaning – सेंधमार

Impudent girl – Minx (मिंगक्स) Meaning – ढीठ लड़की

One who shoes horses – Farrier

Person who indulges at the table – Epicure (एपिक्युर) Meaning – चटोरा

A mark of shame – Stigma (स्टिग्मै) Meaning – कलंक

A person who insists on something – Stickler (स्टिकलर) Meaning – हठी

One who possesses many talents – Versatile (वर्सटाइल) Meaning – प्रतिभाशाली

Person who talks a lot – Garrulous (गैरलस) Meaning – बातूनी

Food for farm animals – Provender (प्रावन्डर) Meaning – चारा

One who hates women – Misogynist (मिज़जिनिस्ट) Meaning – महिला-द्वेषी

A thief who steals without using violence – Pilferer

Place where coins are made – Mint (मिन्ट) Meaning – टकसाल

A place where leather is tanned – Tannery (टैनरी) Meaning – चमड़ा बनाने का कारखाना

A lover of animals – Zoophilist

A box or cage for keeping rabbits – Hutch (हच) Meaning – खरगोश का पिंजरा

A place for keeping pigs – Sty (स्टाइ) Meaning – सूअरखाना

Calm and Peaceful – Halcyon (हैल्सीअन) Meaning – शांत

Pleasure seeker – Hedonist

The meat of deer – Venison (वेनिसन) Meaning – हिरन का मांस

A person who is fond of fighting – Bellicose (बेलकोस) Meaning – झगड़ालू

White liquid material in an egg – Glair (ग्लेर) Meaning – सफ़ेदी

A lady’s umbrella is – Parasol (पैरसॉल) Meaning – छतरी

Extermination of a race – Genocide (जेनसाइड) Meaning – जातिसंहार

An assembly of worshippers – Congregation (कांगग्रगेशन) Meaning – भक्तगण

Hard to please – Fastidious (फैस्टिडीअस) Meaning – तुनुक मिज़ाज

One who is greedy for money – Avaricious (ऐवरिशस) Meaning – लालची

One who speaks less – Reticent (रेटिसन्ट) Meaning – अल्पभाषी

A farewell speech – Valedictory (वैलिडिक्टरी) Meaning – विदाई भाषण

The study of ancient buildings and prehistoric remains – Archaeology (आर्कीआलजी) Meaning – पुरातत्व विज्ञान

One who goes on foot – Pedestrian (पडेस्ट्रीअन) Meaning – पैदल यात्री

Last work before death Swan – Song

The absence of law and order – Anarchy (ऐनर्की) Meaning – अराजकता

Detailed plan of journey – Itinerary (आइटिनरेरी) Meaning – भ्रमणकारियों के लिये पथप्रदर्शक पुस्तक

One with long experience – Veteran (वेटरन) Meaning – अनुभवी

A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc. – Pen (पेन) Meaning -जानवरों का बाड़ा

Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP – Outriders (आउट्राइडर) Meaning – अनुरक्षक

Exclusive possession of the trade in some commodity – Monopoly (मनापली) Meaning – एकाधिकार

One who is skilled in the study of celestial bodies – Astronomer (अस्ट्रानमर) Meaning – खगोलज्ञ

A building in which monks live – Monastery (मानस्टरी) Meaning – मठ

Government of the people, by the people and for the people – Democracy (डिमाक्रसी) Meaning – लोकतन्त्र

An assembly of listeners – Audience (आडीअन्स) Meaning – श्रोतागण

A person who believes in one faith is called – Monotheist

The action of looking back on past time – Introspection (इन्ट्रोस्पेक्शन) Meaning – अन्तरदृष्टि

One who changes sides – Turncoat (टर्न्कोट) Meaning – दलबदलू

One who loves books – Bibliophile (बिब्लीअफाइल) Meaning – पुस्तक प्रेमी

Government by inexperienced persons is called – Neocracy

Killing of a human being – Homicide (हामिसाइड) Meaning – नरहत्या

A person who regards the whole world as his country – Cosmopolitan (काज़्मपालिटन) Meaning – विश्वप्रेमी

One who does not make mistake – Infallible (इन्फैलबल) Meaning – अचूक

One who always runs away from danger – Timid (टिमिड) Meaning – बुज़दिल

A tank where fish or water plants are kept – Aquarium (अक्वेरीअम) Meaning – मछलीघर

A story in verse – Ballad (बैलड) Meaning – प्रेम गीत

Person who rules without consulting the opinion of others – Autocrat (ऑटक्रैट) Meaning – स्वेच्छाचारी

A person who attacks popular belief or established custom – Iconoclast (आइकानक्लैस्ट) Meaning – परम्परा तोड़ने वाला

Sole right to make and sell some invention – Patent (पैटन्ट) Meaning – एकस्व

One who is quite like a woman – Effeminate (ईफेमिनट) Meaning – नारी जैसा

A word opposite in meaning – Antonym (ऐन्टनिम) Meaning – विपरीतार्थक शब्द

A mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain valley – Glacier

One who believes in fate – Fatalist (फैटलिस्ट) Meaning – भाग्यवादी

A speech delivered without any previous preparation – Extempore (इक्स्टेम्परी) Meaning – तात्कालिक

Language which is confused and unintelligible – Jargon (जार्गन) Meaning – गंवारू बोली

One who is fond of sensuous pleasures – Epicure (एपिक्युर) Meaning – रसिया

Indifference to pleasure or pain – Stoicism (स्टोइसिज़म) Meaning – वैराग्य

A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge – Pedantic (पडैन्टिक) Meaning – पांडित्याभिमानी

One who talks in sleep – Somnoloquiest

A government run by a dictator – Autocracy (ऑटाक्रसी) Meaning – निरंकुशता

A place for sick people who need long period of treatment or rest – Sanatorium (सैनटोरीअम) Meaning – आरोग्य निवास

One who possesses several talents or gifts – Versatile (वर्सटाइल) Meaning – प्रतिभाशाली

One who represents a state in a foreign country – Ambassador

Someone who knows a lot about the subject – Scholar

Remains of prehistoric animal or plant preserved by being buried in earth – Fossils

One who exists at the same time as another – Contemporary

One who can speak two languages – Bilingual

The act of killing an infant – Infanticide

One copies the writing of others – Plagiarist

One who is all powerful – Omnipotent

Absence of the government – Anarchy

That which can be easily broken – Brittle

Persons working in the same department – Colleagues

Loss of memory – Amnesia

Woman who offers the use of her body for sexual intercourse to any one who will pay for this – Prostitute

The act of violating the sanctity of the church – Sacrilege

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