like in a sentence

Which newspaper do you like to read?

What sweets would you like?

Our body is just like a machine.

Some students do not like examinations because of tension.

Our body is just like a machine which works day and night.

I like the cartoons very much.

It looks like rain.

I like mangoes.

He looks like a prince.

Our mind is like a constantly running stream.

Animals love, hate and fear like human beings.

The problems and sufferings in our life are like the tests and exams in the school of life to teach us certain lessons and tell us where we stand.

You should put reliance on a man like him.

Eat foods that are naturally low in fat like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

People like to criticise and find faults with those they envy because of their own feelings of inadequacy.

You should not talk to your elders like this.

He treated him like a boy.

Many people like to eat turtle meat.

You can stay as long as you like here.

Hatred oozed out of his pores like molten lava but he concealed it.

I would like to have tea.

Would you like to get rid of that troublesome fellow ?

This book is selling like hot cakes.

I do not like his feigned courtesy and politeness.

The woman exclaimed that he looked just like her third husband.

What kind of food does a simple man like ?

I like this book because it has proved a turning point in my life.

I like the study of Economics the most.

Did she like the dish ?

He had never faced a situation like this before.

Do they like cricket ?

Do you like to chew tobacco ?

I do not like to write to the newspapers.

Why do you want to marry me if your family doesn’t like me ?

Do you like pickles ?

The news spread like wild fire.

What sweets would you like ?

I did not like their behaviour.

I like doing a little job of this sort.

I like swimming.

Would you like to pay a visit tomorrow ?

A promising boy like you can reach great heights in life.

Would you like to hold it ?

Would you like a ride ?

I did not like to mix with them.

How dare you insult your mother like that?

I like watching the stars at night.

How small and delicate, like a fairy palace, it looks !

It looks like rain.

Say how you like the place.

A man who has not gone out to see the world is like a frog in a well.

Their institutions are not exactly like ours.

I do not like that sort of man.

I do not like these sort of things.

He asked what do I like?

It burns like a furnace.

He doesn’t like reading, does he ?

Who would you like to travel with ?

The boys like swimming in the sea.

He did not like to be helped.

They did not like to be praised.

I do not like these sort of people.

Few boys like to work hard.

Most boys like to go to the cinema.

Most girls like dolls.

I do not like her because she is fairly tall.

I don’t like him much.

I don’t like him very much.

Which of the two stories do you like better?

Which of the two stories do you like more?

Which of the books do you like most ?

I like it better than any other book.

I do not like too many friends.

I do not like too much of fish.

I like these sort of men.

I like this sort of men.

Keep your body upright like I do.

You should act like I do.

Which do you like best?

Which do you like most?

They cannot but write broken sentences like these.

My heart is like a singing bird.

I like his simplicity.

I don’t like that he should go out.

I don’t like him to go out.

Do you like the taste of date.

He looks like a sheep.

They are like a woman’s eyes.

A man when he becomes old, he behaves very much like a child.

Which book do you like best?

I like this cap.

What sort of a book do you like the best?

I should like to know the person.

Don’t you like fish?

He asked me if I would like a drink.

I like the coffee you make.

I like the book he has written.

I like the coffee you make.

You should act fearlessly like I do.

I only like her when she smiles.

I like her too much.

I like music.

He doesn’t like milk, nor I do.

I like to sing.

I like singing.

What does she like?

I should like to know.

You can’t behave like this.

Generally people like Sundays.

But I like history most.

But of these books I like Prem Chand’s book ‘Godaan’ the most.

Would you like to go now?

I do not like to meet a man with a bad temper.

I cannot understand a girl like that.

Would you like ice?

Why don’t girls like to do household jobs these days?

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