lift in a sentence

The lift in this hotel is out of order.

Will you help me to lift the piano?

This table is so heavy that I cannot lift it.

I cannot lift it.

The box was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it.

It was very kind of you to give us a lift in your car.

Would you mind helping me to lift this box ?

The lift is operated by electricity.

Will you give me lift ?

We forget to shut the lift gate.

Will you please give me a lift in your car ?

There is a lift in this tall building.

I can lift a weight of 100 kilos.

I can lift this box.

Can you lift this box ?

He cannot lift this box.

Elephants lift things with their trunk.

This box is too heavy for you to lift.

Will you give me a lift today?

I can’t get this lift to work.

Lift your head up.

Can you lift this bag ?

The box is too heavy for you to lift.

That box is too heavy to lift.

I can give you a lift to the station.

How much weight can you lift?

The box was so heavy that I could not lift it.

Can you lift this stone?

This lift is out of order.

Thoughts of great men lift our spirits in moments of depression.

He is strong enough to lift this stone, although it is too heavy for others.

I cannot lift the box because it is very heavy.

I can’t lift it.

You can’t lift it.

He could lift that heavy load.

Can you lift this box ?

I don’t think I can lift this box on my own.

They used a lever to lift the heavy rock.

He lifts weights to strengthen his muscles.

Will you give me lift in your car ?

Can you lift this weight ?

He can lift this heavy load.

I can lift that box without help.

I’m strong enough to lift that box without help.

There are certain flowers that you can grow in your garden to lift up your mood.

The box was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it.

Would you mind giving me a lift in your car?

I cannot lift this stone.

He used his back muscles to lift the heavy box off the ground.

The elevator will lift us to the top floor of the building.

The crane was used to lift the massive steel beams into place during construction.

Her inspiring speech lifted the spirits of everyone in the room.

The news of her promotion lifted her mood and filled her with excitement.

The magician performed an incredible trick where he seemingly lifted a person off the ground.

The new workout routine has helped him lift more weight at the gym.

The kind words from her friends lifted her spirits during a difficult time.

The hot air balloon began to lift off the ground, and the passengers were filled with anticipation.

The philanthropic organization aims to lift families out of poverty through various support programs.

A sense of relief lifted from him when he received the good news.

The restrictions on travel were lifted, allowing tourists to visit the country once again.

The painter used a brush to carefully lift excess paint from the canvas.

The flight attendants demonstrated the proper technique to lift and stow the carry-on luggage.

The team’s victory lifted their morale and motivated them for the upcoming games.

The strong gust of wind threatened to lift the umbrella right out of her hands.

The surgeon used a delicate instrument to lift the thin layer of tissue during the procedure.

The talented pianist’s performance seemed to lift the audience to a place of pure bliss.

The new skincare product claimed to lift and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

She used her charm and wit to lift the tension in the room, making everyone feel at ease.

The charity’s efforts helped lift many families out of poverty, providing them with essential resources.

The teacher’s encouragement and support helped lift her student’s self-confidence and academic performance.

The helicopter hovered above the crash site to lift the injured hikers to safety.

The community came together to organize a fundraiser to lift the financial burden of medical expenses for a sick child.

The motivational speaker’s words had the power to lift the audience’s spirits and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

The construction team used a crane to lift the heavy steel beams into position for the new skyscraper.

The rising sun lifted over the horizon, casting a warm glow across the landscape.

A generous scholarship lifted the financial burden from the student’s shoulders, allowing her to focus on her studies.

The mother lifted her toddler into her arms and comforted him after he fell.

The talented artist used shading techniques to create the illusion of light lifting off the canvas.

The aircraft’s wings began to lift as it gained speed during takeoff.

The new software update is expected to lift the performance and efficiency of the computer system.

The scientific breakthrough has the potential to lift restrictions on certain medical treatments.

The church bell tower’s chimes seemed to lift the spirits of the entire town every evening.

His generosity and kind gestures had the power to lift the spirits of those around him.

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