life in a sentence

Life is not a bed of roses.

Life in a big city is busy and fast.

Life without leisure is very poor.

Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows.

It has made our life easy, comfortable, pleasurable and luxurious.

He spent the prime of his life in jails.

A small ant can take the life of a huge elephant.

We all should have a noble aim in life.

An important truth of life is that we learn from whom we like and respect.

Good health promotes longevity of life.

If you find that your cholesterol levels are high, then begin with changing your diet first and then move on to improving your life style.

True happiness can be achieved only by living a life of integrity.

One should take life seriously and live every minute of it.

Don’t let these people catch me otherwise my life will be ruined.

Her eyes speak volumes about her undying passion for life.

I have never harmed anyone in my life.

Problems are an integral part of life.

I am grateful and happy to have him in my life.

Science has helped man to make great progress in all fields of life.

He has given us all the anecdotes about his life.

What is your life‘s philosophy?

I don’t believe in following others I live my life with my own rules.

He is hovering between life and death.

I have seen many vicissitudes of life.

I want to lead a peaceful life.

We should not be afraid of anything in life.

He is leading a bad life.

Despair is the bane of life.

I have seen many ups and downs in life.

Why are you spoiling your life?

Tomorrow will be the best day of my life.

If you work hard, you will lead a happy life.

Those people who do not work hard go to dogs in their life.

A close fisted-man loves money more than his life.

Tell me some interesting incidents of your life.

What do you want to be in life?

He is rich enough to set him up in life.

Bad habits take you nowhere in life.

You have been wasting your life.

May God bless you with a long life!

You have lived on other people’s charity all your life.

He is leading a monotonous life.

Flowers have a momentary life.

He saved my life.

There is nothing better than a busy life.

He risked his life.

He is sure to get on in life.

I faced many difficulties in life.

Life is really insecure on the roads in big cities.

Life becomes a curse sometimes.

Sardar Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the sake of our country.

I have no taste of rural life.

You cannot succeed in life unless you grapple with difficulties.

We work hard so that we may lead a good life.

They want you to lead a better life.

He laid down his life for the motherland.

May God grant him long life!

May you lead a happy life !

Money is not everything in life.

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