leisure in a sentence

He has a lot of leisure.

Leisure means the rest from one’s main work.

We are always thinking about our work, our problems and other matters which take away all our leisure.

He enjoys dignity in society and leisure in life.

Leisure oils the machine of life.

I have no leisure for amusement.

I have leisure in the evening and especially on Sundays.

It is very important to make the best use of leisure.

If you have a leisure period, do something constructive – never sit idle.

He plays Veena in his leisure.

We cannot work well without rest and leisure.

I have hardly any leisure nowadays.

Do this at your leisure.

He has absolutely no leisure for sport.

There is plenty of leisure for him.

I have leisure to write to you in detail.

He was occupied with important matters and therefore had no leisure to see us.

Life is a mixture of work and leisure.

Machines have given much leisure to man.

He had no leisure to see us.

I hope you are making the most of your leisure time.

He has no leisure for reading newspapers.

Why is leisure necessary for free thinking ?

It’s all at your leisure.

You should maintain a balance between work and leisure.

People have more leisure than they have ever had.

He has no leisure for sport.

What do they do with all their leisure time?

Try to utilize your leisure for reading.

I go hunting in my leisure time.

What’s your favorite leisure activity?

I have no leisure to study.

I often spend my leisure time listening to the radio.

I have no leisure for reading.

I sometimes enjoy my leisure in fishing.

I have no leisure for sport.

I enjoy taking long walks in the park during my leisure hours; it helps me clear my mind and stay active.

In my leisure activities, I like to try new recipes and experiment with cooking different cuisines.

During the cruise, passengers can engage in various leisure pursuits such as swimming, dancing, and attending live shows.

Retirement offers the opportunity to pursue hobbies and engage in leisurely pursuits that were previously limited by work commitments.

I enjoy taking up yoga as a leisure activity to promote relaxation and flexibility.

My vacation plans include a leisurely cruise along the Mediterranean, stopping at different ports to explore the local culture and cuisine.

The retirement community offers a range of leisure programs and social activities to keep residents engaged and active.

As a busy professional, I prioritize setting aside some leisure time each day to relax, recharge, and pursue my hobbies.

I often take weekend road trips to explore new destinations and engage in leisurely sightseeing along the way.

The vacation resort offers a range of leisure options, from water sports to guided hiking tours.

During my leisurely bike rides, I love to explore the scenic countryside and discover hidden trails.

I cherish my leisurely mornings on weekends, sipping coffee, and indulging in a good book.

The retirement community organizes leisurely outings and excursions for residents to explore local attractions and enjoy social interactions.

I often spend my leisure time volunteering at the local animal shelter, providing care and companionship to abandoned pets.

When I need a break from the digital world, I engage in leisure activities like painting, knitting, and puzzles to unwind.

She enjoyed spending her leisure time reading books in the park.

The weekend provided a welcome opportunity for leisure activities like hiking and picnicking.

Many people find solace in pursuing hobbies during their leisure hours.

His busy schedule left little room for leisure, but he made sure to take short breaks to relax.

The resort offered a range of leisure options, including swimming, golf, and spa treatments.

The art class was a great way for her to unwind and express herself during her leisure time.

The retirement years provided him with ample leisure to travel and explore new places.

The city’s parks and recreational facilities offered spaces for leisure and relaxation.

The beach vacation was a perfect opportunity to indulge in leisurely strolls and lazy afternoons.

The book club provided a social and intellectual outlet for people to engage in leisurely discussions.

During his retirement, he took up painting as a leisure activity to fill his free time.

The luxurious cruise ship offered a variety of leisure options, from fine dining to live entertainment.

She used her leisure hours to explore new recipes and experiment with cooking techniques.

The art gallery was a peaceful place for visitors to appreciate paintings and sculptures at their leisure.

His weekends were dedicated to leisurely bike rides through the countryside.

The digital detox retreat encouraged participants to disconnect from screens and enjoy nature at their leisure.

The sprawling park offered ample space for leisure activities such as jogging, cycling, and picnicking.

The seaside resort was a popular destination for tourists seeking relaxation and leisure by the ocean.

The cultural center hosted workshops and classes for people to pursue artistic interests during their leisure time.

The movie theater provided an enjoyable way for families to spend their leisure hours together.

The local gym offered a variety of fitness classes to keep people active during their leisure time.

The retirement community was designed to provide seniors with a comfortable and engaging leisure lifestyle.

The hobbyist’s workshop was a haven of creativity, where he pursued his woodworking projects during his leisure hours.

The cultural festival offered a range of leisure activities, from traditional dance performances to craft workshops.

The art gallery allowed visitors to admire the masterpieces at their own leisure, without rushing.

The summer camp provided children with a variety of leisure options, from swimming to arts and crafts.

The yoga retreat offered a tranquil space for participants to practice mindfulness and relaxation during their leisure time.

The rural bed and breakfast offered guests the chance to experience the beauty of nature at their leisure.

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