leader in a sentence

He was the leader of our city.

They mourned for their dead leader.

Mahatma Gandhi was the foremost leader of this time.

He is a veteran political leader.

A good leader is patient and tactful.

The audience acclaimed the leader.

He posed to be a great valiant leader.

Who is the leader of this group?

He is our leader and a very god fearing man.

He is an undisputed leader.

He was a born leader.

The leader was guilty of the deceit of national trust.

The corrupt leader was given a wide berth by the people.

A good leader should be a man of visions.

The leader bade his countrymen good bye.

The leader acted wisely.

The leader is worthy of our praise.

He is a great leader ?

I met him only once.

He is the most popular leader in the area.

The leader asked the people to raise slogans.

There was complete silence when the leader spoke.

The speech of the leader was full of fire and fury.

The leader broke off in the middle of his speech as he was not feeling well.

I have been selected as the leader of the team.

No corrupt leader has ever been respected for long.

He is an ideal leader for all.

The leader called upon his people to make the country great.

This leader is a turn-coat.

I speak to your leader for a minute ?

Who is the leader of your state ?

A leader cannot have a large follower unless he is polite to others.

The departing leader bade his countrymen good-bye.

The departing leader bade farewell to his countrymen.

You cannot become a great leader without honesty.

Nowhere else shall we get a leader of this type.

The leader was welcomed by the people.

Who is the leader of your state ?

He is the leader of this place.

He is not only a worker but a leader as well.

He was elected leader by us.

A leader should be sincere in what he preaches.

He was the leader of our city.

He was a leader of the scheduled castes.

He is not a great leader but he has the gift of the gab.

The corrupt leader was given a wide berth by the people.

The people did not allow the leader to make a speech.

The leader got much appreciation for social work.

He was the leader of the great expedition.

What is the new leader like?

He has the capacity to be a future leader of the nation.

If you are a leader you should never forget that everyone needs encouragement.