lead in a sentence

We should lead a pure and simple life.

Good habits lead to good manners.

We should lead a carefree and simple life.

We can lead a happy, healthy life through positive thinking by taking a balanced diet and by practicing natural love, universal brotherhood and friendship.

People living in the villages lead a simple and pure life.

Extremely dry skin can lead to cracking, wrinkles, ageing and even peeling of skin.

It is not easy to lead an ideal life.

In order to lead social life, good manners are necessary.

Where does this road lead to?

We must believe in an honest way of life and lead a calm and quiet life.

A healthy person can lead a happy life under all circumstances.

Unemployment can lead to anarchy.

Uncontrolled ambitions lead us to misery and sorrow.

Goals lead to purpose in life.

The necessity of spreading news and knowledge lead to the invention of printing.

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