Laziness-word meaning in hindi

Noun : अकर्मण्यता, आलस, आलस्य, काहिली, सुस्ती, कामचोरी, लद्धड़पन

Example Sentences :

We should give up selfishness laziness and narrowness of outlook.

We should discard selfishness laziness and all narrowness of outlook.

These foods or habits induce laziness in us.

A lot of things may be pending because of laziness today.

Also try not to let laziness take over you.

Shed your laziness.

Oversleeping and laziness comes as a package in the monsoon season.

You will have to let go off laziness today to get things done.

Don’t let laziness win over you.

You are advised not to let laziness overcome you at work as it may put you into a hot soup.

Your boss may not be in the best of moods today therefore you are advised to overcome laziness and concentrate on the task at hand.

It brings cruelty laziness and ignorance.

During this period the person goes through stress laziness health problems and lots of challes in career.

Do not let laziness take over you as it may put you in a tight spot.

Due to their laziness or whatsoever reason most men agree that they skipped their bath.

It prevents you from laziness during work.

Oftentimes it is sheer laziness that causes this state of affairs.

Yes even laziness could make you less attractive.

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