Large in a sentence

The elephant is a large animal.

She has a large collection of books.

The large pizza is enough for the whole family.

A large crowd gathered for the concert.

He lives in a large mansion.

Large trees provide shade in the park.

The company’s success is due to its large workforce.

The large suitcase was difficult to carry.

Large waves crashed against the shore.

Large skyscrapers dominate the city skyline.

The large waterfall is a tourist attraction.

She ordered a large coffee to start her day.

The large screen TV is perfect for movie night.

Large vehicles are not allowed on this road.

The large auditorium was filled with people.

He wore a large hat to shield himself from the sun.

A large portion of the budget is allocated to education.

Large portions of food are served at the restaurant.

The large mirror reflects the entire room.

Large posters advertised the upcoming event.

The large oven can bake multiple cakes at once.

The garden is home to a large variety of flowers.

They bought a large piece of land to build their house.

Large windows let in plenty of natural light.

The large river flows through the valley.

She carried a large bouquet of flowers.

The large ship set sail for distant shores.

A large rock blocked the path.

He gave a large donation to the charity.

The large lion roared in the wild.

Large countries have diverse cultures.

The large wave knocked them off their surfboards.

Large snowflakes fell from the sky.

The large clock hung on the wall.

The large family celebrated together.

She bought a large portion of ice cream.

Large bookshelves lined the walls of the library.

A large storm is approaching the coast.

The large car can accommodate eight passengers.

Large glaciers cover the polar regions.

The large sign was easy to read.

He had a large appetite after the hike.

Large animals are common in the jungle.

A large group of students participated in the protest.

The large stage was set for the performance.

Large quantities of oil are needed for the recipe.

The large barn houses many farm animals.

She wore a large sun hat to the beach.

The large cactus grows in arid regions.

A large selection of colors is available.

The large aircraft landed smoothly on the runway.

Large gates guard the entrance to the castle.

He captured a large fish in the lake.

Large numbers of birds migrate during the season.

A large map showed the route to the destination.

The large tree provided shelter from the rain.

Large headphones covered his ears.

She prepared a large pot of soup for dinner.

The large telescope allowed them to see distant stars.

Large construction cranes filled the construction site.

A large backpack carried all their gear.

The large shopping mall has numerous stores.

He admired the large paintings in the museum.

Large waves crashed against the cliff.

The large clock tower can be seen from afar.

Large trucks transported goods across the country.

A large number of students graduated this year.

The large boulder blocked the hiking trail.

They adopted a large dog from the shelter.

Large discounts are available during the sale.

The large mirror reflected her outfit.

A large piece of cake satisfied her sweet tooth.

The large cruise ship docked at the port.

Large sunflowers swayed in the breeze.

He wears a large ring on his finger.

A large number of people attended the conference.

The large mountain range stretches across the continent.

Large containers hold the household supplies.

The large poster displayed the movie’s release date.

A large garden provides fresh vegetables.

The large backpack was filled with essentials.

She has a large family with many siblings.

The large mountain peak is covered in snow.

Large waves crashed against the lighthouse.

The large storage unit held all their belongings.

A large cloud blocked the sun temporarily.

The large stadium was filled with cheering fans.

Large companies often have multiple branches.

He ordered a large serving of french fries.

The large clock on the wall chimed noon.

Large waves rocked the boat.

A large number of volunteers help with the event.

The large mansion was elegantly decorated.

Large ships sail in the open sea.

She carried a large backpack for the hike.

The large crowd watched the fireworks display.

Large buses transported tourists to the attractions.

A large screen displayed the sports game.

The large garden produced an abundance of vegetables.

He has a large family with many cousins.

The large mountain loomed in the distance.

Large trucks delivered goods to the stores.

The large billboard advertised a new product.

She had a large collection of vintage coins.

A large quantity of rain fell during the storm.

The large lighthouse guided ships safely.

Large suitcases filled with clothes lined the hallway.

He drove a large van to transport furniture.

The large calendar on the wall displayed the month.

Large gates guarded the entrance to the estate.

She purchased a large bouquet of roses.

The large shopping center had multiple levels.

Large crates contained the cargo for shipment.

A large screen displayed the live performance.

The large forest was home to various wildlife.

He bought a large painting for his living room.

Large sand dunes stretched along the coastline.

The large ocean liner set sail on a cruise.

She cooked a large pot of chili for the party.

A large clock tower marked the city center.

The large audience applauded the performance.

Large bookshelves lined the walls of the bookstore.

He wore a large hat to shield his face from the sun.

Large buildings dominated the cityscape.

The large waterfall created a natural spectacle.

She ordered a large coffee with extra cream.

The large screen television provided cinematic entertainment.

Large trucks delivered supplies to the construction site.

The large map displayed the geographic features.

Large trees provided a canopy of shade in the park.

He lived in a large mansion on the hill.

The large crowd celebrated the victory.

Large waves crashed against the rocky coastline.

Large skyscrapers defined the urban skyline.

The large auditorium accommodated hundreds of people.

She carried a large bouquet of fresh flowers.

The large ship sailed across the open sea.

A large rock formation marked the trailhead.

He made a large charitable donation to the organization.

Large animals roamed freely in the safari park.

The large concert stage was set for the performance.

Large portions of the meal satisfied their hunger.

She wore a large sun hat to the beach.

The large cactus thrived in the arid desert.

A large selection of colors allowed for creativity.

The large aircraft taxied on the runway.

Large gates protected the entrance to the palace.

He captured a large fish during the fishing trip.

Large numbers of tourists flocked to the beach.

A large map indicated the route to the destination.

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