laborious in a sentence

No men can reach the summit of a mountain without a long and laborious climb.

He is quite laborious by nature.

He is very laborious.

He is usually laborious.

The engineer was praised for the laborious job of cleaning up the river after the floods.

He is a very laborious student.

Paddy plantation is a laborious and a slow task.

It is a laborious and painstaking process.

This work is tedious and laborious.

It is easy, less messy and less laborious.

Ants are very laborious.

It is a very skillful and a laborious job.

This is time-consuming and laborious task.

Laborious people are always victorious.

It is laborious task.

The word laborious comes from labor.

It is amazing that you have done such a laborious work in a such a short time.

The flourmill work is laborious.

It is a laborious work.

He is very hardworking and laborious student.

I think learning is not laborious.

I do not want to do laborious and time-consuming work.

He is very laborious guy.

He is laborious.

This job is laborious.

He is quite laborious by nature.

He is both laborious and active.

However most of the times nails peel off when you do some laborious work.

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