laborious in a sentence

No man can reach the summit of a mountain without a long and laborious climb.

He is quite laborious by nature.

He is very laborious.

He is usually laborious.

The engineer was praised for the laborious job of cleaning up the river after the floods.

He is a very laborious student.

Paddy plantation is a laborious and slow task.

It is a laborious and painstaking process.

This work is tedious and laborious.

It is easy, less messy, and less laborious.

Ants are very laborious.

It is a very skillful and laborious job.

This is a time-consuming and laborious task.

Laborious people are always victorious.

It is a laborious task.

The word laborious comes from labor.

It is amazing that you have done such laborious work in such a short time.

The flour millwork is laborious.

It is laborious work.

He is a very hardworking and laborious student.

I think learning is not laborious.

I do not want to do laborious and time-consuming work.

He is a very laborious guy.

He is laborious.

This job is laborious.

He is quite laborious by nature.

He is both laborious and active.

However, most of the times nails peel off when you do some laborious work.

This will make it difficult to involve in laborious tasks.

The process of manually assembling each intricate piece of the model ship was laborious but rewarding for the skilled craftsman.

Writing a comprehensive research paper from scratch can be a laborious task that requires hours of diligent research and writing.

The farmer spent long hours in the scorching sun, engaging in laborious work to plant and harvest the crops.

The artist painstakingly painted every detail of the landscape, making the creation of the masterpiece a laborious endeavor.

The construction workers endured the laborious process of lifting heavy materials to build the towering skyscraper.

Cleaning and organizing the cluttered attic was a laborious task that took the family an entire weekend.

The project required the team to conduct extensive interviews and data analysis, resulting in a laborious data collection process.

The mountain climber faced a laborious ascent, navigating treacherous terrain to reach the summit.

The chef spent hours preparing the intricate dish, a laborious culinary creation that impressed the diners.

The student diligently studied for hours, engaging in laborious review sessions to prepare for the challenging exam.

The author invested months in the laborious task of editing and revising the manuscript before it was ready for publication.

The woodworker spent weeks meticulously crafting the intricate wooden furniture, a laborious process that resulted in stunning pieces of art.

The engineer faced a laborious task of troubleshooting and repairing the complex machinery.

The seamstress worked tirelessly to create a laborious hand-stitched gown for the bride’s special day.

The medical researcher spent years conducting extensive experiments and analysis, resulting in a laborious but groundbreaking discovery.

Assembling the large jigsaw puzzle proved to be a laborious challenge, requiring patience and persistence.

The detective’s laborious investigation finally led to the apprehension of the elusive criminal.

The restoration of the ancient painting was a laborious process, requiring delicate care to preserve its original beauty.

The artist patiently chiseled away at the stone, transforming it into a sculpture in a laborious act of creativity.

Creating intricate embroidery designs on the fabric was a laborious task that demanded the artisan’s skill and precision.

The biologist spent months conducting experiments and analyzing data, a laborious effort to uncover groundbreaking insights.

Assembling the complex piece of furniture from a flat pack proved to be a laborious challenge, testing the homeowner’s DIY skills.

The tedious and laborious paperwork was necessary to process the legal documents for the business merger.

The cartographer meticulously mapped out the uncharted territories, a laborious task that contributed to expanding geographical knowledge.

The tailor’s laborious process of measuring, cutting, and sewing resulted in a perfectly tailored suit for the client.

The team of scientists endured a laborious expedition to the Arctic to collect samples for climate research.

Crafting intricate stained-glass windows for the cathedral was a laborious task that required a high level of craftsmanship.

The farmer plowed the fields with oxen, engaging in the laborious process of preparing the land for planting.

The software developer spent months debugging and refining the code, a laborious effort to ensure the program’s functionality.

The mountain expedition demanded a laborious trek through rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions.

The archaeologists meticulously sifted through layers of soil during the dig, a laborious process to uncover ancient artifacts.

The restoration of the historic building involved a laborious effort to preserve its architectural integrity.

The researchers conducted a laborious study, surveying thousands of participants to gather meaningful data.

The chef’s laborious process of slow-cooking the stew for hours resulted in a rich and flavorful dish.

Crafting intricate porcelain figurines by hand was a laborious skill passed down through generations.

The student put in a laborious effort to rewrite the thesis, incorporating feedback from the professors.

The sculptor spent weeks perfecting the fine details of the marble statue, a laborious labor of love.

The translator faced a laborious task of accurately translating complex technical documents into multiple languages.

Building the model ship required the laborious assembly of tiny pieces, each contributing to the vessel’s grandeur.

The laborious training routine of the athlete involved rigorous workouts and intense practice sessions.

The long and laborious commute to work drained the employee’s energy before the day even began.

The seamstress hand-sewed the delicate lace onto the wedding dress, a laborious task that added a touch of elegance.

The artisan’s laborious process of hand-carving wooden furniture resulted in unique and exquisite pieces of art.

The designer spent hours carefully selecting the right color palette, a laborious task to achieve the desired aesthetic.

The investigative journalist tirelessly pursued leads and interviewed sources, a laborious effort to uncover the truth.

The team of scientists conducted a laborious experiment to validate the hypothesis and publish their findings.

The artist’s laborious efforts in blending colors and brush strokes brought the mesmerizing landscape painting to life.