knocked in a sentence


Scarcely had I gone to bed than the door was knocked at.

The speeding car knocked him down and disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.

Someone knocked at my door.

In the finals of the boxing championship he knocked out his opponent.

I have knocked five times.

He knocked at every door for money.

He was knocked down by a car.

He knocked me down.

Who knocked at the door?

I knocked the door twice.

The door was knocked at.

The bus driver had been knocked down senseless.

A car driver knocked down a child and escaped.

The door is being knocked at by someone.

He slipped in the bath room and knocked his head against the wall.

He knocked his rival down in one minute.

He knocked from doors to doors for help.

He knocked at the door violently.

His hand knocked against the glass.

We got frightened when somebody knocked at our door late at night.

He was knocked down by a speeding truck.

That store has knocked down its prices.

He was knocked down by a car.

He knocked him down.

The speeding car knocked me down.

He knocked at every door for help.

Scarcely had I gone to sleep when somebody knocked at the door.

As soon as I lay on bed, somebody knocked at the door.

Someone had knocked him unconscious.

He was sleeping when I knocked at his door.

All of a sudden a fast moving car came and knocked down me.

A car knocked him down.

Who has knocked at the door ?

Somebody knocked at the door.

He knocked at every door for help.

He knocked him out in the fifth round.

By whom is my door being knocked at ?

The strong wind knocked the tree branches against the window.

The children accidentally knocked over the vase, spilling water all over the floor.

He knocked twice before entering his friend’s apartment.

The boxer knocked out his opponent with a powerful punch.

The gust of wind knocked her hat off her head.

The cat knocked a glass off the table, shattering it into pieces.

She knocked on her neighbor’s door to borrow some sugar.

The construction crew accidentally knocked a hole in the wall while renovating.

The football player knocked the ball into the goal, scoring a point for his team.

The heavy suitcase knocked against her leg as she walked.

The thunderstorm knocked out the power, leaving the neighborhood in darkness.

The car accident knocked the bumper loose.

The police officer knocked on the suspect’s door, announcing their presence.

The wind knocked down the fence during the storm.

The persistent knocking at the door startled the homeowner.

The worker accidentally knocked over a stack of books in the library.

She knocked her knee on the table, causing a sharp pain.

The hammer slipped from his hand and knocked a nail into the wood.

The loud noise of the construction work knocked her out of her deep sleep.

The goalkeeper skillfully knocked the soccer ball away, preventing a goal.

She knocked gently on her baby’s bedroom door, checking if they were awake.

The unexpected news knocked the wind out of her sails, leaving her in shock.

The mischievous cat knocked the stack of papers off the desk, creating a mess.

He knocked nervously on the door, uncertain about the meeting ahead.

The new medication knocked her fever down and eased her discomfort.

The thunderstorm knocked down several tree branches, blocking the road.

The athlete accidentally knocked into his teammate during the relay race.

The repairman knocked to alert the homeowners that he had arrived to fix the plumbing.

The high waves knocked against the boat, making the sea voyage challenging.

She knocked her head against the low ceiling in the attic.

The strong smell of the food knocked her appetite away.

The loud music knocked her concentration while she was studying.

The driver knocked on the car window to ask for directions.

The hurricane’s strong winds knocked over fences and damaged roofs.

The child knocked over a tower of blocks in excitement.

The waiter accidentally knocked over a glass of water, apologizing profusely.

The enthusiastic applause knocked the performer’s confidence, knowing the audience appreciated the show.

The storm knocked out the telephone lines, leaving the town without communication.

The sudden news of her promotion knocked her by surprise.

The loud crash of thunder knocked the power out in the entire neighborhood.

The clumsy puppy knocked over its water bowl, causing a small flood.

The delivery person knocked on the door to deliver the package.

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