kind in a sentence

Definitions of Kind

Noun : natural group, race, character, sort, class, manner, nature.

Adjective : sympathetic, Having or showing sympathy or love for others, Disposed to do good to others.

Example Sentences

Your uncle was very kind to me.

Your kind attention is invited to the subject, as mentioned earlier.

Your father is a kind man.

You need to protect them from any kind of damage.

You must consider what kind of work you want to do.

You have always been enough kind to me.

You can get addicted to a certain kind of madness.

You are very kind.

You are very kind to us.

You are too kind to me.

You are not kind to me.

You are kind to me.

You are a very kind man.

Would you be kind to shut that window?

Would you be so kind as to keep me informed?

Would you be kind enough to wait?

Be kind and explain it to me?

Women love men who are kind and generous.

With due deference, I bring the following facts to your kind notice.

Will your guides be kind to you?

Who is very kind and benevolent?

Which kind of friend do you prefer?

What kind of water you drink and use for cooking is essential.

What kind of tree is that?

What kind of surroundings does he or she like?

What kind of movies are popular these days?

What kind of sandwich did you order?

What kind of pie do you have?

What kind of overcoats would you like to see?

What kind of music do you like?

What kind of memorials do the people want to build for him?

What kind of material is this?

What kind of toys would you like?

What kind of house do you want to buy?

What kind of help do you need?

What kind of food contains in the grain of cereals?

What kind of food does a simple man like?

What kind of food do you prefer?

What kind of food do you like?

What kind of flower is this?

What kind of films do you like to see?

What kind of filling do you want on your salad?

What kind of dress do you like?

What kind of danger are we in?

What kind of computer is this?

What kind of citizens should education produce?

What kind of books does he think are most valuable?

What kind of books do you like?

What kind of animals lives around here?

What kind of animals and plants were found on his land?

What kind of an animal is it?

What kind of accommodation do you need?

What kind of a person are you?

What kind of a man was he?

What kind of a bird is this?

What a kind man you are!

We will use the most virulent kind in trying to make a vaccine.

We should be kind to animals.

We see more and more of this kind of stuff.

We ought to be kind to the poor.

We have to write many letters of one kind or the other during our lifetime.

We find a kind of emotional unity in our country.

We enjoy the natural beauty of a different kind when we visit another city.

We are not taught this kind of thing in our school.

We are kind to you because you are kind to us.

This time we had been praying to God to be kind to her.

This kind of weather is right for the farmers.

This kind of thing is terrible.

This kind of murder is an act of pure barbarity.

This kind of joke does not amuse me.

We call This kind of haircut undercut layers.

This kind of food addiction is not at all healthy.

This kind of apple is delightful.

This kind appears at the bottom of the foot.

This is the kind of flirting that almost all girls do.

This is not the kind of stuff I want.

This is not some kind of superstition, but findings based on data.

I wish to bring to your kind notice that stray cases of cholera are occurring in the village.

This is for your kind information.

This is a different kind of apple than that.

They think of others, so they naturally say kind words.

They seemed to be very kind and friendly.

These kinds of potatoes grow well in this soil.

There are many more than ninety kinds of substances in the world.

Their boats are made of a kind of bark.

The youth of today likes this kind of music.

The warden is a very kind man.

The rich should be kind to the poor.

The machine is caught in some kind of lock.

The grocer is very kind to his customers.

The fortress was secure from every kind of attack.

This kind of face makeup downplays your beauty.

This kind of allergy is related to food.

The dog likes that kind of food.

The doctor was as kind as I thought.

The cow is a useful animal.

That’s very kind of you!

That’s a popular kind of food in this country.

That kind of work did not interest me.

That kind of man is not to be trusted.

That kind of joke does not give me any amusement.

I would like to thank you once again for this kind gesture.

Thank you for your kind remembrance.

So we should always try to smile, speak a cheery word, say kind things, and make others happy.

She was unkind to me.

She was very kind to me and was a good and noblewoman.

She should not do that kind of work.

She must be a very kindhearted lady.

She is very kind to me.

She is very kind and considerate.

She is kind to me only.

She is kind enough to help me.

She is always kind to everyone.

She is a kind and gentle lady.

She has a kind heart.

She attracted the wrong kind of people.

Selfish people hardly say kind things.

We should give this matter our kind and immediate attention.

Please be so kind as to show me the way to the station.

Physical activity of any kind is useful for us.

People who speak kind words are often remembered.

People have always been kind to me.

People always tend to trust you to resolve any kind of disagreement.

One should always be kind to others.

One always be kind to others.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind consideration.

My friend was kind enough to help me when I was in trouble.

Please allow me to thank you for your kind attention.

Look at each underlined verb and say what kind of meaning it expresses.

It’s kind of ironic.

It would be very kind of you.

It will be very kind of you if you bring a computer for me.

It will be very kind if you rent out the apartment to him for the next year.

It is kind of you to give me some help from the Students’ Aid Fund.

It is very kind of you to send me a birthday present.

It would be very kind of you to help them with it.

It was so kind of you to have remembered me on this occasion.

It was kind of you to help them.

It was kind of you to help him.

It was kind of him to wait.

It was kind of him to speak to us.

It was kind of him to help me.

It was kind of him not to complain at all.

It was full of every kind of desert plants.

It is with great agony that I wish to bring to your kind notice the callousness shown by some employees or your Department.

It will be very kind of you to remember me on my birthday.

It is very kind of you to help him like that.

It is very kind of you to have come here.

It is very kind of you to call on me.

This kind of behavior annoys everybody.

It is the -first institute of its kind in the world.

It is nothing but a kind of sound that comes when you breathe with incredible difficulty.

It is not kind of you to behave like this.

It is kind of you to lend me the money.

It is a kind of hanging pendant that is worn on the head.

It is a commercial activity involving some kind of trade or manufacture.

It will help you to remove dead skin cells and any kind of dirt and dust.

It would cost nothing to say a kind word to one who is sad or in trouble.

It can be a symptom of a kind of a brain tumor.

Is this the kind of dress to wear in the evening?

Is this the kind of dress to wear at the marriage party?

Is he kind to all his friends?

Inner peace comes with being kind and generous towards all people and things.

We can play Indoor games in every kind of weather.

In this kind of weather, we usually play indoor games, but when there is heavy snowfall, we are taken for ice skating.

I want to bring to your kind notice the problem of stray dogs in our locality.

I wish He wouldn’t do that kind of thing.

I will gladly avail of your kind offer.

I want your kind help.

I want the same kind of watch as I have lost.

I want the same kind of umbrella as she is carrying.

I shall keep this watch carefully.

I shall be very thankful to you for this kind gesture.

I sat by the side and spoke kind words to her.

I like this kind of weather.

I like this kind of book.

I know what kind of person he is.

I have obliged you for your kind guidance.

I expect you would let me know in your next letter what kind of extra-curricular reading you find interesting.

I don’t like that kind of man.

I don’t know what kind of creature is making such a terrible noise outside tonight.

I don’t enjoy that kind of music.

I do not say this in any kind of haughty spirit.

I do not read this kind of book.

I do not like this kind of book.

I cannot put up with this kind of treatment.

I can’t live that kind of life.

I asked the girl whether her guides were kind to her.

I am sure you will gladly give your kind consent and blessings.

I am sure you will be kind enough to me.

I am sincerely thankful to you for your kind gesture and generosity.

I am sending my detailed resume for your kind consideration.

I am sending my detailed resume for your kind and favorable consideration.

How kind of you!

How kind and good you are!

His mother is a kind and gentle lady.

Here is an exercise for you to identify the kind of sentence.

Here are many tips to help you choose the right kind of jewelry for your neck.

He’s very kind to me.

He wished to be kind and loving to them.

He was known to be a kind man.

He was kindhearted and helpful to all.

He was kind to needy.

He was kind to show me his gift.

He was kind enough to listen to me.

He was a kind ruler.

He was a kind fellow.

He was a just and kindhearted ruler.

He tells us to be honest, kind, and friendly.

He spoke kind words to the children.

He replied that he was okay, but kind of hungry.

He knows what kind to choose.

He is very kind to us.

He is very kind to me.

He is very kind and gentle.

He is very gentle, kind, and good looking.

He is too kindhearted not to forgive me.

He is the most loving and kindhearted person.

He is living a superficial kind of life.

He is kind towards the poor.

He is kind to those around him.

He is kind to the poor.

He is kind to everybody.

He is kind enough to help you.

He is kind and helpful to everyone.

He is a kindhearted man.

He helped me clear up, which was very kind of him.

He has always been kind and down to earth.

He has a kind word, even for a beggar.

He encouraged us to listen to this kind of music.

He certainly hadn’t done anything that deserved that kind of punishment.

Have you had no experience with this kind of work?

Find out what kind of makeup suits your skin, your face, and your age.

Fill in the blanks with a suitable adjective and tell its kind.

Everyone needs some kind of entertainment after hard work.

Everybody was kind to me in my childhood.

Everybody says that he is a kind soul.

Every human being has one kind of vanity or another.

Even the best outfits are incomplete without the right kind of party shoes.

Breast cancer is a typical kind of cancer during pregnancy.

Do you think they are kind?

Do you need some kind of help?

Do you like this kind of wine?

Do they have to put up with this kind of nonsense?

Did you think they were kind?

Can you describe the kind of birds you saw last evening?

Breast milk is said to be the best kind of nutrition your newborn baby can get right after delivery.

Blood donation is the highest kind of contribution.

Be kind to your dependents.

Be kind to the poor.

Be kind to everyone.

Be kind and help me.

Be kind and fear not.

As a result, it becomes a different kind of atom.

Are your guides kind to you?

Are you personally ready for this kind of emergency?

We do all kinds of shopping here.

After the party was over, my father thanked all the guests for their kind visit.

A kind word is more welcome than a costly present.

Synonyms for the word Kind


He maintains cordial relations with the other staff members of the college.

It was a cordial meeting.

The teachers are very cordial and helpful.

We continue to have cordial relations with them.

I bid you a most cordial and hearty welcome.

He was a staunch believer in maintaining cordial relations with his neighbors.

All the members of the family have very cordial relations with everyone in the colony.

He has had cordial relations with all.

We received a cordial welcome from them.


This is a friendly gesture and a nice way to impress a girl.

My brother has been friendly to him.

He is always friendly to me.

He is very friendly to us.

They are amicable people.

Everyone is friendly to her.

It is a friendly reminder that the invoice is overdue.

We should keep up friendly relations with neighboring countries.

I have been on friendly terms with him for more than twenty years.

You must be friendly with your neighbors.


She is very affectionate to her friends.

My father was no less affectionate and tender to me than my mother was.

He sent me an affectionate letter.

They’ve always been very affectionate with their in-laws.


Several charitable institutions are running because of his help.

He is the richest and charitable man in this locality.

They do not possess charitable qualities.

Several charitable institutions are running with his help.

He is lavish in giving money for charitable purposes.

The revenues go to a charitable foundation.


Such criminals do not deserve any sympathy or compassionate dealing.


One should be considerate towards elders, the sick, and the disabled.

We should be more considerate to the poor and needy.

He was considerate enough to take some fruits for his friend, who was ill.

Be considerate in dealing with others.

It was considerate of him to offer us a ride.

My friend was considerate enough to help me in my misfortunes.

We should be considerate of the old.

He is considerate of everybody’s feelings.


The old lady is of gentle deposition.

The children like her because she is gentle with them.

He is of a gentle disposition.

Give the child gentle swings at the time of sleeping.

Rub it gently.

He was a gentle and loving person.

Pigeons are gentle birds who thrive on each other’s company.

The moon cast a gentle light.

My father speaks in a gentle tone.


She was gracious enough to go and see him.

He was gracious enough to accept my invitation.


Will you kindly untie this knot?

I request you to remit my fine kindly.

You are to make life kindly and tolerable for all of us.

Would you kindly inquire and let me know of the inordinate delay in the collection of my cheque?

Kindly grant me leave for four days.

He spoke kindly with me.

Will you kindly come here at nine?


I can’t help loving her.

She extended a loving hand to the children.


Thank you very much for your thoughtful present.


We should learn to be tolerant and forgiving.

I am tolerant by nature.

The scriptures and sacred books make us broad-minded, tolerant, and patient.

One should be tolerant of criticism.

They’re tolerant of us.

Antonyms for the word Kind


He’s antagonistic toward us.

He was antagonistic toward the man.

The two friends are antagonistic to each other.


The throat can be affected in common cold and flu.

The cold wind was roaring outside.


How do you keep your cool?

Some of the neighbors tried to cool their tempers and separated them.

It was chilly yesterday.

Let’s not wait until it’s too cool to enjoy.

Bathe at least twice a day to make sure that you stay cool and fresh.


They had no respect for him due to his cruel behavior.

He is a cruel husband.

What a cruel act!

People hated him for his cruel behavior.

It is cruel for them to make the boy work so hard.


A disagreeable thought came to him.

The phrase implies that the thing is disagreeable.

He was a disagreeable older man.

I didn’t expect his behavior to descend to such a disagreeable level.

What a disagreeable fellow he is!

There is no more disagreeable thing than this.


It would have been discourteous to omit them.

It is discourteous to tweet about.


I cannot help disliking him.


He passed the examination through hard work.

I am working hard for the next house test.

Could you speak louder? I’m hard of hearing.

Is it hard to speak English?

Those who work hard will succeed.


Do not use harsh words with anybody,

She has used harsh words for her parents.

She stops them with her harsh and loud voice.

We should never be harsh towards him.

They would look awkward if they sang before others in their harsh voice.

I stepped outside and was bathed in the harsh direct sunlight.

Exposure to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause sunspots on your skin.

Don’t use a harsh shampoo that drains all moisture.


The sight of him is hateful to us.

The sight of him was hateful to them.


They remain indifferent to their duty in the examination.

The press and people severely criticized them for this indifferent attitude.

I am not indifferent to the beauties of nature.

Like others, he too was indifferent to money-matters.

He is indifferent to his children.

He is indifferent to praise or blame.

He is indifferent to politics.

He is indifferent to what he wears.

Too many people are indifferent to politics.

They are quite indifferent to strangers.

They are quite indifferent to strangers.

He is indifferent about his clothes.

Lots of people are indifferent to politics.

She was indifferent to politics.


It does not mean that he is a book-worm.

I didn’t mean to give that impression.

What do you mean they are killing each other?

I didn’t mean to offend anyone.


Yesterday evening while I was returning home from school, I had a nasty accident.

Once I had a nasty fall from the roof of the house and was severely hurt.

This is the nasty business.

Sometimes the food is so nasty that you cannot even swallow it.

It was a very nasty fall.

You must remove nasty yellow curry stains from these clothes.

Well, here are some nasty habits to let go for the sake of love.

He is not such a nasty man, as you think.

He has a nasty cut on his leg.

He gave her a nasty look.


This is the rough draft of the peace treaty.

A man’s hands are as rough and twisted as the dry branches of a tree.

You can use the space below for rough work.

But its rough use can put our life into danger.

Arrange your week points in a logical sequence and write out a rough draft.

This is a rough world we are living in.

He did a rough drawing to show me the way to the station.

He has rough manners.

I have a rough idea of where it is.

The ship encountered rough seas.


Please forgive me for being rude to you.

He is too gentle to be rude to anyone.

He deals with rude students with courage and sympathy.

The news of your father’s death has come to me as a rude shock.

He is a rude person.

It is rude to speak with our mouths full.

He was very rude to her.

He should apologize to her for being so rude to her mother.

I have trouble putting up with her rude manner.

It is rude of him not to give me a call.

It is rude to stare at someone.


There is a severe shortage of oil in this city.

We had a harsh winter ten years ago.

I felt severe pain on the shoulder.

That country has a severe climate.


I am so sorry to have indulged in such a fit of an unfriendly temper.

They were unfriendly to him.

He looked unfriendly at first.

I dislike her unfriendly attitude.

She had an unfriendly attitude.

Can you figure out why the boss is so unfriendly this week?


Don’t be unkind to your friends.

She was unkind to him.


Don’t run away with the idea that I am unsociable. I just haven’t time to go out much.

He is not so much unsociable as bashful.


Such violent feelings were too for him.

A violent thought brings violent bodily movements.

She’s violent right now. It’d be better to avoid her.

It’s going to be violent weather!

His opposition was more violent than I had bargained for.

Recent comics have too many violent scenes.

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