kept in a sentence

Our school toilets are kept neat and clean by the school sweepers.

Books, journals, magazines and newspapers are kept in a library.

A ship cannot be kept on its course without a compass.

Lions are kept in an enclosure in the zoo.

Secret affairs should be kept very quiet.

The plants should be kept in proper sunlight.

The opiate kept me asleep for four hours.

A zoo is a place where all kinds of animals are kept.

He proved a talented son as he kept the family prestige high.

She never liked long hair, and always kept it trimmed.

Where have you kept the book?

He had kept his promise.

Sea shells when kept in a basket are considered to be lucky in feng shui.

Onions need to be kept dry at all times.

She kept screaming in pain.

Some foods should not be kept in the fridge.

The Karva Chauth fast is kept for long life and well-being of the husband.

He needs to be kept under observation.

Your body is your temple and it should be kept clean at all times.

Consuming water kept in copper utensil is very beneficial.

Bathrooms should always be kept clean.

I kept gazing at him like a star.

I kept a little distance from him.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

She has kept her word.

I kept quiet.

Bad company should not be kept.

She kept us waiting.

We shall have kept our promise.

He kept mum.

I kept on saying.

They kept on saying.

He kept crying.

She is not a good girl and must be kept at arm’s length.

He was annoyed but he kept quite.

I kept her waiting.

kept rolling in bed the whole night.

Promiser should be kept.

He kept me in the dark about this matter.

She kept on playing with her doll.

He kept gambling for many years.

He kept his face expressionless to conceal his excitement.

She kept it away.

He kept away from the quarrel.

He kept us waiting.

I have kept my word.

He will have kept his promise.

I kept an eye on him.

He kept his house spick and span.

He this neighbours at an arm’s distance.

You kept me in the dark.

The patient is seriously ill and is kept under continuous observation.

Promises must be kept.

He kept his promise.

She kept her promise.

Newspapers are kept on stands.

He has not kept us in the dark.

He kept the money.

I always kept candles in the house in case there was a power cut.

He kept complaining.

He kept quiet.

And he kept his vow.

He not only made a promise, but kept it too.

He always kept his word.

People do not like to be kept waiting.

We kept quiet.

She kept me waiting.

I kept the matter concealed for many days.

I am awfully sorry to have kept you waiting to long.

Where have you kept my clothes ?

He kept me in dark.

She kept on asking me questions the whole time.

She kept crying all night.

She kept silent all day.

Illness kept me from attending the meeting.

The operation had to be kept secret.

I haven’t kept any secrets from you.

He kept his hat on to hide his baldness.

He kept Mary waiting for an hour.

He kept his mouth shut.

I was kept waiting nearly half an hour.

He kept himself aloof.

He kept his mouth shut and didn’t tell anyone what had happened.

She was kept under with morphine injections.

He kept his promise.

He kept the invaders at bay with a machine gun.

She kept on crying.

She kept on writing stories about animals.

She just kept her distance from him.

The soldier kept a sharp lookout in the darkness.

She kept on working.

You ought not to have kept her waiting on such a cold night.

My uncle kept on drinking in spite of his doctor’s advice.

He kept standing all the way.

They kept quiet so that they would not be found.

He managed to escape from the room where his kidnappers had kept him locked up.

He doesn’t like to be kept waiting for a long time.

He kept a diary during the trip.

She kept body and soul together in such days.

She kept her eyes closed.

They kept their love a secret.

The information is kept on our computer.

He kept me waiting.

They kept up a long conversation.

I kept quiet.

He kept on writing as though he did not hear.

It kept all the neighbours awake.

He kept a firm hold of the rope.

He kept his promise not to tell anybody about it.

His visit could not be kept secret.

Had you kept your promise?

They kept us waiting.

You should have kept your promise.

You have not kept your promise.

They are kept in almirahs with glass panes.

I kept him waiting.

Animals are kept in the cages at zoo.

The police kept an eye on thieves and pick-pockets in the fair.

The police kept the dacoits at bay.

How is your cool kept by you ?

We kept everything a secret.

He kept himself away from the quarrel.

We kept on seeing that.

One of the best things I love about my father is that he has always kept a very safe and open home environment.

I kept quiet.

He kept us waiting for more than an hour.

I was angry, still I kept quiet.

You kept the rule.

He kept away from the class.

He kept me waiting all morning.

He kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Moreover his fascination and passion for mathematics kept on growing.

Has the secret been kept by you?

He kept saying to himself that he must not tell so many lies.

He kept hmself away from the class.

He kept me waiting there for more than an hour this afternoon.

Our classroom was kept tidy.

Have you kept the secret?

He kept lookng at the daffodls for a long tme.

We kept them quiet.

He kept it secret that he had bought a bicycle for his son.

She kept on talking while eating.

I struggled to get free but one of them kept gripping me hard.

It is bad of me to have kept you waiting so long.

He kept on singing that song.

You should have kept it secret.

Your parents kept an eye on us.

They kept me waiting for an hour.

Your promise had not been kept by you.

They kept us waiting outside for a long time.

It is a variety of birds animals and beasts who are kept in a zoo.

She has kept her word.

I kept still and said nothing.

In most cases a pet is kept to entertain people or for companionship.

He kept an eye on them.

He kept playing the same record over and over until I had to leave the room.

He kept me waiting on purpose.

They just kept on running.

It is perhaps the most commonly kept pet in the world.

She need not have kept silent.

They can be best kept in the kitchen counter or in the pantry.

He kept it secret.

He could not stand being kept waiting so long.

He kept on crying.

The dog who he kept sometimes barked at strangers.

Have I kept you waiting long?

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting long. A visitor has kept me busy till now.

I was kept waiting for an eternity.

I’m sorry I have kept you waiting so long.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time.

It must be kept in mind that if agricultural land is swallowed up by industry, we have to face the problem of starvation.

I was kept awake all night by the noise.

I used to have a parrot when I was little and I never kept it in a cage.

She kept on talking.

He was angry, still he kept quiet.

They were kept in caves made of rocks.

Moreover the committee organized sessions were kept open to the public.

Moreover we haven’t kept our water bodies clean.

The window is kept open every evening.

You kept me in the dark.

Should animals be kept in zoos?

Where have you kept my books ?

Accidents kept happening one after another.

People kept on writing.

You kept on saying.

She kept on washing.

They kept on singing.

We kept on reading.

He was annoyed, still he kept quiet.

I kept busy with my studies when they played.

The warrior in him kept his morale high.

The prisoner was kept in fetter.

I have kept my valuables under lock and key.

He kept them captives for years.

They are kept away for days.

Inspite of being angry, my father kept quiet.

His remarks kept the ball rolling.

He had kept his word.

The name of the candidate is kept under wraps.

The lady’s parties were the talk of the town as she kept a good table.

Knowing that the officer was angry, the Head clerk kept silent.

She has kept her word.

They had kept their word.

They had kept their word, hadn’t they ?

I kept my countenance.

I want the matter to be settled soon, because it has kept me on tenter-hooks all these days.

He kept a daily diary all his life.

He kept awake throughout the night.

I kept on a steady pace.

I have kept on a steady pace.

I have always kept my promises.

His answer was that he kept no accounts.

Where are your books kept by you?

I was kept waiting till 3 o’clock.

Besides making a promise, he kept it.

It was kept in a separate pond.

They have kept up a steady correspondence.

I am kept waiting by him.

He kept an eye on the test tube so as not to miss a single change taking place in its contents.

You have not kept your promise.

You had not kept bad company.

You kept me in the dark.

The historical records are kept at the museum.

She kept her eyes off.

She kept on talking after I asked her to stop.

They had better have kept their mouths shut.

They kept silence.

They kept singing until a rescue team came.

They kept on walking.

He had kept the secret to himself.

Wickets kept falling at regular intervals.

He kept back the part about himself.

It is likely that he kept me waiting on purpose.

He kept me waiting for more than an hour.

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